Monday, December 27, 2010

the meeting

Why is it that every time something seems so right, I want to pick up my heels and run like hell? It's this never ending cycle. When something is so good in my life it's like I want to screw it up so it fits in with everything else. I think I'm losin' it.

Other news, I met the parents yesterday... and the sister... and the nieces and nephews. Oh and the home town friends, paster, youth group partner, and the whole youth group. It was different. It's almost like I went back in time when I was a little girl. My hometown use to be super small and nonexistent just like K's was. It's like being around people who just like being around one another. No walmart. No mall. No fast food on every corner. Mom and pop stores filled the roads where empty woods didn't. It felt like home. Red lights consisted of people honking their horns at one another just to say hello. At one point we were at a stop sign and K honked his horn at a man in a truck and they waved just like they saw each other yesterday. Come to find out it was the husband of a woman who took care of K when he was younger.

The meeting of the parents went far from expected. They're just good ole backwoods people with nothing to lose but love and faith.

Honestly, I loved every minute of it.


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