Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bedroom boom

So luckily my shit hole mood didn't carry over into today. Minus the fact that I was extremely clumsy today like putting a two year old in a china shop. No bueno, amigo!

So what has the diva bee been up to lately? Besides a whole lot of work, not too much. However I will say me and my Honey are doing splendid. I couldn't ask for a better man. Speaking of, I'll let y'all know what all we've been up to! The good...and the bad, and for the most part the mixture of the two (what? I'm allowed to be naughty, I still have plenty of the year left to try to make it onto santa's nice list ;) )

*So we finally said the three worded sentence, the big four letters. I love you. (insert butterflies) Its definitely the fastest I have ever dropped those three words. However, I still mean them more than I have ever in my entire life.

*Not to long ago I came across a blog post that educated me a little on an adult toy that I had never known anything about before, I mean not saying I'm a freak or anything (okay maybe I am, but in a good way of course!) but it seems to me that I wouldve came by this WAY before now! However amongst my curiosity I cant help but to think that the original inventor of this bad boy is a pure genius and whoever he or she may be, they obviously know what a vagina needs. Now, luckily Honey isn't freaked out about my curiosity when it comes to sexual exploration. Actually, I think he's intrigued. (hold your panties, I'm going to eventually tell you what it is that has me so excited...) For valentines day, considering him and I both decided to not do anything spectacular hence we hadn't been together for a large span of time, my amazing boyfriend decided to buy me these little bad boys.

Anybody? They're Ben wa balls!! Unfortunately I've only been able to use them once so I can't tell you how amazing they are. However I will tell you the first go around I was so nervous. I was petrified, like any female sticking a foreign object that doesn't consist of the male private part nor a cotton blood absorber would be, that they were going to get stuck inside me. I forewarned Honey that his task at hand would to somehow get them out of me if I couldn't. Just to let you know, this little adventure we had was quite humorous. Nevertheless they didn't get stuck inside but I did have quite the issue of trying to get the second one out. ....but really, enough about my vagina.

*Obviously y'all are well informed that the bedroom boom has been taking place quite frequently, um hello...as my sister likes to call it, we're still in honeymoon stage. My response? What ever, the sex is fucktastic!

*My partner C just had her 21st birthday so what better way to celebrate then to take her out to the bar this weekend and have all the boys buy her shots! Needless to say, she's I fucking hate this term fresh on the market from a five year relationship that tied her down and took away her entire young adulthood. The hooker needed to get a little fun in her system and this diva knew just the way to pump alcohol through her veins and laughter through her mouth! It was a blast, truly.

*Last but not least I present you with a recent picture of me and Honey. We make quite the hot couple, eh?


  1. I have seriously never tried ben wa balls. They kinda freak me out. Although just a little tip, it's nearly impossible to get anything lost inside your vagina. =)

  2. I've never tried those but.. kinda funny/maybe gross story.. we found what could be those sitting around my friend's house while home for Christmas break a few years ago. Didn't know what they were but they were kind of around the whole time we were there partying and everyone kind of played with them in their hands and such. Now if that is what those were, then I would be totally grossed out (cause they would be her Mom's), but I'll never know for sure.

    A five year relationship ending... that's rough. Good thing she has an awesome friend like you.

    You two are definitely a hot couple!


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