Monday, April 18, 2011

Skinny Diva and shortage of time

So what has the diva bee been up to? Literally everything! From losing weight to spending time with Honey to working and loving on Jacob Riley I have pretty much no time for anything. It's recently become extremely apparent to me that 24 hours doesn't make a long enough day for me. Too much to do and no time to do it. Friday I just ended up having a breakdown and balling my eyes out for no apparent reason. I really needed to get off work early in order to do my two and a half weeks mountain of laundry that is starting to take up all my space to even move. So I guess my breakdown was targeted from being smothered, if you're catching my drift. My only solution to this mayhem would be to have a place of my own. If I had a place of my own I would be there more often and I wouldn't have to worry about occupying the washer and dryer. I could wash before I went to work and dry after work. Simple solution? I wish. I don't really plan on moving out till I see where mine and Honey's relationship goes. I don't see the point in living alone and paying rent if A. I can live at home for free and B. I'm always at his house. Granted if I did have a place he would probably be over there instead of the vice versa but as for right now I'm staying planted until we decide to make that big jump in our relationship. it would be pretty nice though...

On to other, more exciting, stuff... Jacob Riley is getting so big! He's so so sweet, truly he is. My sister can pretend to be crying and he will run over to her and give her the biggest hug. Prolly the most precious child I've ever met, and I'm going to put aside that you probably read that as being bias lol!

Skinny diva? Yes please! This stuff is amazing so far anyways... Naturally I'm an extremely tired person. I always have been, since birth till now. Not with this bad boy. It gives me crazy amounts of energy and after my first day of taking it I quickly realized why the bottle says to not consume any additional caffeine. Today starts my second week and I've already lost 5lbs. (it would have been more but this weekend I made poor choices in meals as well as consumed several high cal beers) but overall I feel great. Needless to say the extra energy boost that it provides makes me much more willing to workout after I get off work. If you have had prior heart problems or anything of that sort I highly recommend speaking with your physician before use. You can buy OxyElite Pro from GNC or Vitamin World or do like I did to save a quick buck, buy it off of *I was not endorsed for this product review nor was I asked by any USPlabs employee to do so.

Now after that word-full spill, I would tell you all about how amazing Honey and I are doing but I think I will save that for your entertainment in a later post. Till then, I'll leave you with one of our latest pictures :)

Go ahead and leave plenty of comments telling me how gorgeous of a couple we make. Flatter me a little, I won't be mad ;)

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  1. You are a gorgeous couple!
    Hope you find some balance and not have to be so overwhelmed. I completely understand your reason for not wanting to move unless it was with the bf. It just sounds like it would be a waste of money if you could be home for free for now.
    I should buy that stuff for my sister. She hasn't had it in her to lose her baby weight, she's just gained more, and it's been 3+ years since she's had the boy.


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