Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday madness: a to do list from Diva Hell.

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Though my Monday is starting off with me drinking a cup of coffee even though I'm not suppose to consume caffeine on my diet pills and enjoying a pack couple of cigarettes which amounts to anything but madness, I will still post a monday madness due to the craziness going on in my head. Still with me? (think about it...waiting for answer...) okay good.

My Monday routine is jacked. I have no routine. Normally it consists of me being lazy, not doing much of anything more than smoking cigarettes and lounging on the couch, healthy...I'm aware. Today however not so much. I work night shift tonight, which I like to call the bitch shift because it consists of doing all the bitch work for the stores but I'm not going to complain about the extra hours. Due to a death in one of my employees family I will be working tonight and due to another employees prom I will be working Saturday night as well. Extra hours, check. Lack of rest, check. Lack of time to get done what I need to get done....check.

to do number one:I need to get my nails filled, and yes that's important. Are you forgetting I'm a diva to the truest form of all divaness?
to do number two:I need to go tanning, see response to first task on my to do list.
to do number three:I need to go to the gym, because thats what fat ass divas need to do in order to become a sexy diva that her honey can't even resist pouncing on her when she walks through the door. And yes that just came out of my little blogging fingertips.
to do number four:I need to pickup my dinners for the night shifts I work so I don't end up indulging in fast food. See task three.
to do number five:I need to pickup my medicine(s). (a.) so I don't turn into a crazy diva. (b.)so I don't turn into a pregnant diva.
to do number skip this number because I hate it:load my easter pictures to facebook. Because any facebooker knows that this is important, don't judge me.
to do number seven:make an Easter blog post because you're dying to see what a diva Easter is like.
to do number eight:try to remember, or create for that matter, more pointless extremely important tasks for me to not get accomplished. See tasks 1-7.

Now that I've wasted taken up your blog stalking time, I will now end this post by telling you that I hope you have a fabulous week. :)

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