Sunday, July 18, 2010


Okay, so I don't know if everyone has heard about the Victoria Secrets Miraculous Bra, but seriously, woah diva! I can't even count how many bra's I've purchased over the years try to find that perfect lift and shift for my boobies. I have finally found just that. If you notice in most "push-ups" they have a padding in one of two places on the outter rim of the cup or in the lower bottom of the cup. Not this bad boy. The MB has two pads in both places. When they say you move up two cup sizes, they're not lying. Why buy boobies from a doctor for a 1,000+ dollars when you can spend less than $60 on a bra. Not only is it cheaper, but your boobies can now be customized. Want small boobs for that one dress? You got it, just take the bra off and put your wal-mart bra back on. Don't worry I'm not shaming the fabulous wally world! But when you need that perfect cleavage, never fear my fellow diva's... victoria has your back!

Can anybody tell I loveee finding the perfect product for whatever need it may be? What are some of ya'lls favorite deals, products, etc?

Also I'm thinking about doing a guest blog post, anybody interested in being featured on The Diva Bee? Just send me an e-mail at thehaleybarr[at]yahoo[dot]com. I'll then give you a list of themes you can choose from.

Hope everybody's having a happy Sunday!

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