Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life as I now see it

I don't know if it has anything to do with my grandmother passing or not, however here lately I have been coming to many accurate conclusions and learning alot about not only myself but life in general. I'm not going to type out a long elaborate/detailed post of these conclusions but I will leave them in a list form.

1. I have realized that you can trust no one in life. The people whom you regard as your friends are not always their true title. People will use and abuse you to further themselves, not only in the work environment but in life as well. Take a look at the people whom you call your friends, look at the time you spend with them... if it's only at their own convenience, drop them. Obviously you weren't that important to them in the first place. Not only this but you can now spend more time with those who actually love to be around you even if it's inconvenience to them... it's just what they prefer.

2. Stick by your faith, in the end it's all you've got.

3. Give God your all, and he will provide you with his.

4. Rid of all negative in your life. It's rather empowering once you do.

5. Stay close to your loved ones. Stay true to yourself. You never know when your last ray of sunlight will be.

I know all of this has been spoken many times before me, and will occur many times after. However, I want this to be a reminder to everyone reading this to live your life. Don't let others pull you down, down let the worldly ways get in the way of what God's plan is for you, and if you don't know yet, just keep believing. Our time is so short on earth and we take it for granted way to often if not all the time.

*Quick reminder: With July coming to an end and August knocking at the door, I will be featuring a new blog of the month. However, I haven't been able to get on as frequently so I don't know which blogs to look out for, therefore if you're interested in being featured, please send me an e-mail. Also, this round I will be having the featured blogger do a guest post. [excitinggg!] Don't be shy! I won't know to look at your blog if you don't knock on my door ;)

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