Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear you, yes you....

Dear newspaper,
I really wish you would remove the wedding section. You see, I'm addicted to your wedding stories. They always make me so giddy and then I start thinking of all my failed relationships, and well... you know where this is going.
Hopeless romantic.

Dear C,
You see, were suppose to work as a team. However I'm carrying all the weight. I don't appreciate that nor do I appreciate the fact that you bad mouth me to our other "ones". So if you could clean up your "high school" attitude and "high school" approaches I would greatly appreciate.
Your co-worker.

Dear M,
I'm sorry that you feel that all my time should be consumed by you. Unfortunately I am going on 22 and I have other priorities in my life. However that doesn't seem to phase you. I also don't appreciate the night that you thought I was asleep and you talked about me right in front of me. However I was awake and heard what you and D were saying and to be honest, I cried about what you said and now I know to not put all my trust and faith in you.
The betrayed.

Dear D,
I don't appreciate you treating me like an idiot. Nor do I appreciate the previously mentioned bad mouthing that took place when you thought I was asleep. Honestly you could be the biggest prick I have ever known. However I'm still there for you and you greatly take that for granted. One day I hope you see all that I do and you feel like the biggest ass-wad in the world.
The "brain dead", as you like to refer to me as.

Dear A,
Oh my gosh, guess what!! The world doesn't revolve around you, ge you head out of your ass and see the big picture.

Dear J,
Oh don't think I forgot about you. I'm on a roll here buddy. I really wsh you would quit pulling my heart strings and let me figure you out. That hug you gave me last ngbt is still lingering on my mind. And somehow I hate it. Get ou of my head and let me go on with my life. I don't feel like feeling for you anymore. It takes to much strength and I don't have much more to give.
The toy.

Dear AH,
I hate that you use me, then dispose of me. Well thats to your own expense honey. I'm done with that now. You should have wised up. Your relationship once again went down the drain, feel stupid now? Feel like a dumbass throwing everyone else away? You should.
The disposed

Anyone feeling my anger roaring? I'm normally not an angry person at all but here lately I have been failed repetitively and now all the odds are weighing against me and yes, my anger has finally exploded. One can only take so much before the ball drops and unleashes.

Lighter note, Happy Sunday!

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