Monday, September 13, 2010

The death of...

my old satellite, could not be any sweeter!

I swear I didn't die! However, my internet did! We had a little tiff with the satellite company because unlike most people we don't get the luxery off DSL living out in the boonies and all. However, a different just launched a new satellite and what not so now my internet is faster, thus meaning faster, easier, MORE POSTS! And all along I thought it was my computer... shame, shame.

Anyways a lot has been going on, as always lol. J and I went to the Titans game this past Sunday against the Raiders... you know I was struttin' my blue & red when we laid that ass whoopin down! Anyways, I have pictures and what not to share but for now I'm just going to make a quick, hehe because I now can, post so that way I'm not draggin in the morning when I have to get up super early!

I miss you all, hopefully this time around I'm back... FOR GOOD!

PS. Summer- I've never stopped praying sweet girl!


  1. Your back!! I've missed you girlie! Yay you were sportin' your blue and red and they won!! Uggg for internet probs...I have had my fair share since the phone company was bought out by another and my internet and email has been a going crazy! How have you been? Any new love interests? :0) Anywho thanks for always praying for me...means lots

    love ya
    SUmmer ;0)

  2. Girl, I have missed you! I have been good, as far as love life I'm still strung up on J... the friend from high school, i don't know if you read that blog post or not. Anywaysss of course I'm always praying for you! Remember I told you that you would always be someone I hold close to my heart, that wasn't a lie silly girl! Hope you're doing fabulous!

    LOVE YA :]


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