Tuesday, September 21, 2010

rant, with a capital R

Well, today...I've decided to just rant about random things, shocking right? HA!

-Is it me or is this year going by too fast? My mom is currently sitting next to me singing jingle bells while looking at a Christmas decor magazine. Maybe she's just crazy but ya know, I love her lol.

-I'm beginning to think I have a shopping issue. I love "stuff" too much. Maybe I need to reevaluate my priorities.

-I'm actually beginning to think that I need to reevaluate a lot of things.

-I don't write in my personal journal nearly enough. I use to write in it like crazy! Where is all the time going?

-Every since I took a step up at my job, I feel like I don't have time to do anything. Half the stuff I want to accomplish never gets done due to my busy schedule. I need to find some sort of balance.

-Where is a 20-something-single-female suppose to meet her prince charming? (Obviously not a bar nor club) My dating life is none existant and I would like to change that. However I don't have any friends to meet guys through nor do I have much of a social life... well this is looking like a dead end road. :sigh:

-I need to ban myself from getting on facebook. Everyone is getting married and having babies and everytime I see this I almost get angry, thank God there's never a knife around me or I would probably start stabbing the computer screen. :joke... i'm not that crazy! haha:

-I need to figure out what I want to do with myself. I keep asking God for signs whether it be to stay working for my dad (and forever be under his thumb) or to take a chance on getting my education degree (i say chance, because i'm scared I won't like being a teacher... yet I would love to do it...)

-Is it obvious to anyone that I need a lot of answer? :sigh: I just wish things were easier and came easier. I miss the good ol' days when the hardest thing I had to worry about or even do was making sure I picked out the right outfit for picture day in school!

-end rant-


  1. I am SOO there with you on Facebook. In the past two weeks I've seen three babies born, one break up and one engagement. Some days I feel like my life is set on pause.

  2. Ok wow I agree with you on so many points

    1) OMG yes the year is going by way too fast. I felt like just yesterday was the beginning of summer and now its fall? And Halloween is just aroud the corner and I havent even thought about what I want to be... Then thanksgiving and Christmas... STOP!!!

    2) I hear you on being busy at work... But thats good you are at a good spot in your company right? I hate my job and am on the verge of quitting...without another job lined up and thats not me at all. Im usually super responsible

    3) Facebook sucks!! Even for those of us in a long term relationship. 4 of my friends have gotten engage in the past year and they have been with their significant other shorter than me and my bf. SO I hate facebook and their dumb statuses about being engaged. I hear you

    I hope you get the answers you need. I would say start looking in unexpected places and read everything as a sign.

  3. Hey Hey,
    I stumbled over your blog today and I just had to tell you I'm enjoying your blog. Your awesome. I became a follower and I'm looking forward to keeping up and leaving comments. I hope you will check out my blog, and become a follower. I have a button, and I'd like to add you to my blog roll. I hope you have a lovely weekend. God Bless You and Yours



  4. Well thanks for stopping by Jess! I'll definitely be making a pit stop your way! Sorry it took me so long to get back.

    Purple Princess- my life is always on pause. Actually I almost feel like my life hasn't started yet compared to everyone elses!

    Aimee- I know! I can't believe September is already at an end and we're moving into October. Christmas is too close for comfort as well as my 22nd birthday! :sigh:


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