Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Days of Digging Deeper v.2

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Welcome back to my series 10 Days of Digging Deeper! Today's prompt is: (drum roll, anyone....anyone?)

Name 10 of your most favorite qualities in your mate -or- 10 qualities that you hope to find in your future mate.

Obviously I'll be listing 10 qualites I hope to find in my future mate. :)


I would love for my future husband to have a great listening ear. I've never really had that in a relationship before, but to have someone really listen to me would probably be one of the best gifts.

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AH! I am going to HAVE to marry a man that loves dogs! I'm 100% against animal cruelty, I think it's worst then human-to-human cruelty because unlike humans, animals can't speak for themselves, nor defend themselves...okay they can bite but that's not the point! Anyways, back to subject! A man that can love a dog has a sensitive side, and every woman should love that ;)

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I would love for my mate to have a kind heart. Someone that cares about others, always has everyones best interest at heart. Wouldn't hurt a fly, however wouldn't let anyone run over him.

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Loyalty. I think that's self explanatory. Loyalty is an extremely important quality and character trait.

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To me this is one of the most important qualities that I could find in a man. The ability to act like a kid. Two kids in love. Rainy days spent coloring in coloring books, playing monopoly, or even go fish. The ability to ask me to play in the rain with him or even roll around in dirt. That's what is one of the most important qualities to me. I feel like if he has the ability to act like a kid our relationship won't have a dull moment. hehe

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I love to life so this is almost a necessity. Okay, it definitely is. Fart in front of me and I'm able to fall off the bed laughing. That's just the way I am. I'll have a burping contest, or even dutch oven you... okay that's a joke lol. But seriously I love to laugh so this is definitely important to me. :)


I love love love to cuddle. I'm a big time cuddle-bug! hehe So basically it would be pretty bad ass to have a cuddle-bug man ;)

A family man. I am obviously an extremely family oriented chica and I would definitely want the same from my hubbs. Family has always meant a whole lot to me and if me and Mr. Man (of my dreams) were to decide to have a child or children, for that matter, I would sure hope that both of us (not just me) are highly involved in our child(rens) lives. --but not that overbearing kinda involvement, I would like for them to be able to breathe at the end of the day.

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I definitely need a man that can inspire me, in many different aspects of my life. I want someone to inspire me to be the best I can be in my work, my religion, my family, and my relationship. Inspiration is definitely important to me and I hope that I can do the same for him.

Last but not least, the most important of all: a religious man. If a guy won't go to church with me, I want no part in him. I without a doubt want a Godly man. To me, a relationship won't last that's not built on a firm Godly foundation.

Ps. Dude, where are you!?

I hope some of ya'll join in, I'm excited to see what others say :) Till next time, my lovely readers...

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  1. Love this blog theme! What great traits for a future hubby, too! The listening one is tops, in my book. That's sooooo important! By the way, your comment about tantrums had me laughing at loud...you haven't fallen on the floor lately...too cute!


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