Thursday, September 30, 2010

picture perfect

Hooray for retail therapy! Okay so today I went shopping after work. Normally people use retail therapy when they're stressed or upset but me? No I just used it because people at work cut my nerves! So anyways moving onwards! I first stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and bought a Titan's t-shirt as well as some cute little shorts! Oh yes, this coming Sunday's game is going to be watched in total comfort. (Unless I have a smelly guy standing near me at the game, that's not exactly comfortable...) I then stopped by Best Buy to price check some cameras, ended up leaving because no one even offered to help me price check... rude. So I then stopped by Wally World and dropped by the electronics department and not one but two people asked to help me... that's what I'm talking about people. So I ended up walking out of there with a lighter wallet and a new digital camera! Score. Okay so I didn't go full out and by an SLR or anything, really the only reason I even went to get one is because I wanted a smaller camera that was less bulky than the one I already own.


I ended up going with a simple digital camera, nothing fancy-shmancy. I wasn't looking to spend over $150 because I know I'll eventually want to get an SLR and really all I needed this one for was to take to Titan's games and what-not. (my other camera is bulky so it was always taking up too much room in my purse) Furthermore I bought the Kodak EasyShare M530. It's small and cute and does everything I need it to...which is simply take pictures and load them to my computer lol, nothing too high tech. Though I may have only spent $108.57 (not to be precise or anything?) it actually takes a lot better pictures then my $200 something camera that's fat and inconvenient! Yes, you read correctly I just called it fat. heh...

-Next Subject-
So today I didn't go into work until 10AM and only had a five hour work day, what's even better is tomorrow is a repeat of the same. Talk about vacation! Ahhh heavennnn! (As I was typing this I get a phone call from work telling me that in the morning I need to have enough food made for 300-400 people. Um ez-cuse me? Oh the life of a pro-caterer! HA!)

So anywho, be on the look out for day 3 of 10 Days of Digging Deeper! =)

OH! and Ps. Has anyone read 'Why Men Love Bitches' by Sherry Argov? A while ago I had a friend tell me about it and tell me about how good it was but I can't think about who it was that told me nor can I think about what all she said. So if you've read it, let me know your thoughts!

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