Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Buffalo

So can anyone gimme a round of applause for writing my first review!? Ha, of course it would be a sex toy, what else could I have possibly reviewed that I could enjoy any better. Hehe jk. Any who. Now as promised, because I'm on the ball this week, canoe trip pictures!

First and foremost, I'm going to go ahead and warn you that the majority of these pictures makeup was non existent and I look rather busted. Just saying. :)

These two were seriously adorable together. They were like a little old married couple and she was definitely the mom in the group. Ha.

Ha does anyone notice A. Honey is the shortest of the group. B. Honey has the BEST body in the group and C. My Honey is the sexiest out of the group, okay maybe that's a little bias but I'm entitled to it. :)

He represents Tennessee so poorly....

Obviously taken the second day. Obviously alcohol was highly involved.


Can I just say Honey is a genius? No running water so how did we brush our teeth?! COLGATE WISPS! Obviously a huge hit with everyone else as well.

The first day we were there we were floating down the river only to see this canoe floating down the river beside us, all while a guy was doing a keg stand...on the canoe. Seriously?!

I don't remember exactly what happened to this tent but obviously it was the retarded tent of the camp site. Just saying.

Home sweet home-- right before we left for Fat Daddy's Resort. (a floating bar :) )

Okay wahlah, pictures posted. I stuck to my word. :)

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Minus the creepy tent. I wish we had that kind of weather around here right now.


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