Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Date to Remember

So I'm pretty sure by now y'all know my love for some Mama Kat, and chances are I probably do not need to profess my love anymore. However, once again I'm joining in on her weekly writing prompts. This weeks prompt?

Describe a memorable first date

Y'all should already know what date I will be posting about. Hehe. Mine and Honey's first date! Many of our friends know how we actually met, yet many don't. For those of you who have been following me for quite some time now, y'all should know...but for those newbies I'll let y'all in.

Honey and I met on a dating website. I was kind of to a point in my life where I felt I was never going to find someone who fit me or my lifestyle and really there's no where in my town to meet singles except for thank you. So on a whim I decided why not. I never posted a profile picture because I didn't want to put myself out there and in all reality after the first message was sent, I never truly expected us to even meet. The more messages that were sent, the more interested I became. The day after we finally exchanged phone numbers my friend bailed on me and told me she couldn't go to the Titans game with me. Um hello?! I have season seats, I don't pass up games! I needed a date and fast whether it be friend or hottie! So what does my coworker tell me? Invite mystery man. Um what? Seriously? So I text one of the girls that sits beside me at the games and introduced the idea to her. After many texts were sent back and forth I realized she had a good point. I would be surrounded by people I know and if the date went bad he could call a cab. (ouch... Lol) So I text mystery man and asked if he would like to join me.

The end, Ha! Not. Any who so at first my invitation was denied. He apparently had some sort of birthday party to go to for a cousin. After talking to his roomie/best friend he ditched the birthday party and decided to come along. I started to instantly panic. Literally. I couldnt even stay still, I was trying to decorate a Christmas tree and kept dropping the ornaments. Its funny looking back now though.

So the big day comes and I take forever getting ready, running us behind a little. I went and picked him up...what? Hello I met him off the Internet, of course I'm driving so at least if he's a serial killer I can drive myself to my death destination. He got in the car and I got nervous as hell. He's gorgeous. Better looking than the pictures. Oh my god he's bald. Holy smokes! Nervous. We get to the game. After a few beers we both are at ease and I quickly realized that this is the fastest I have ever fallen for someone. He is everything I want. We talked through the entire game maybe catching a play or two. And there it was, our first kiss. Sparks flying, angels singing, I want him. Bad. Come to find out his best friends brother is married to my best friends sister. There are always parties being held at my best friends parents house. It just so happened the ones I went to he didn't and vice versa. Funny story...her mom has always called me her daughter and she has always called him her son. So how in the world did it take the internet for us to meet? I like to call it fate.

The day after our first date I professed to my sister that he is going to be the man I marry. I still hold true to that statement today, I love him more and more everyday. For me to ask God for a better man would be a slap in God's face. He is everything I've ever wanted and perfect for me.

But come on...y'all already know how bonkers I am for him :)

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