Tuesday, June 7, 2011


These past couple of weeks have been hectic as all get out. From catering 800 people to canoeing, to breaking my tailbone and a road trip/bike rally coming up this weekend. Don't even get me started on my overly booked work schedule. I've been training so doing twice the work and no time to rest all while having a broken tailbone, I'm dragging to the core. I had an emotional break down on Honey Sunday because I just wanted to relax. There's so much going on far and between that I can't even find the time to loa the canoe trip pictures to my laptop. A picture filled post is soon to come. Along with my very first review. Hehe it's a sex toy, get excited...no pun intended.

With this all bein said I'll be at Honey's tomorrow so I'll be taking my laptop so I can get those pictures up and running. Woohoo. Progress in the making.

As far as my lack of posts go, be patient with me. I'm busy as a bee...ha..ha.

Now off to catch up on two weeks worth of bachelorette. :)

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  1. I heard honeybee the other day and laughed cause I thought of you girl how cute! OK so um how did you break your tail bone or should I ask LOL....how did I guess you would be doing an adult review ha! Yay for canooing and having fun boo for a broken tail bone that hurts like nobodies buisness I cracked mine before I was preggers with KElc...I was running down the stairs in socks and well um that isn't the best idea I slipped and well the rest is pretty much a cracked tail bone I sware I couldn't sit right for a mth lol...good luck on your marathon

    love ya girl


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