Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer 50

I've always found that when I have writers block or just lack of an amusing post, Moma Kat's writing prompts is a wonderful place to turn to. Needless to say, I have come across the majority of my favorite blogs through her as well. As always, with a lack of time, I will be joining in this week. Needless to say, I haven't forgot about my bike rally post nor the canoe trip...I've just been to busy to post something or anything detailed. With Honey being gone this weekend on a "boys trip" hopefully it will give me some sort of time to get a few things accomplished. Fingers crossed anyways.

So without further procrastination I give you my prompt:

3.) Create a bucket list of 50 things you want to do this summer (with or without the kids!)

Though I wasn't able to come up with all 50 at once, I will add to it as the summer progresses.
1. Go on a road trip
2. Attend a bike rally.
3. Experience something I never have before
4. Go on a boat.
5. Finish at least one book
6. Participate in some sort of water sport
7. Swim A LOT
8. Have at least 10 days of pure relaxation. Not in a row.
9. Travel to another state.
10. Get a bad ass tan
11. Keep Jacob overnight.
12. Attend jazz on the lawn at least twice
13. Get a facial
14. Get at least two pedicures
15. Keep stress to a minimum.
16. Take a vacation...just honey and I.
17. Attend at least 5 different movies
18. Clean my car completely out.
19. Participate in my first blog review.
20. Reach 80 followers
21. Go on a picnic.
22. Make a bucket list
23. Lose 15 more lbs.
24. ...

Yeah I couldn't even come up with half. Eek. It'll happen...eventually.

Till next time...;)

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  1. Yeah, I dont think the summer is long enough to do 50 things ;)

  2. You don't need 50...the list looks pretty good!
    Just stopped by from Mama Kat to say hi!

  3. I would love to watch five movies too! Hey, don't beat yourself up about not reaching 50. You did great with the things you did list! OH, and I'd also like to get a couple of pedicures! Fun stuff!!


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