Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow, sex, and sushi!

I was going to make a post last night, but by the time I got home from K's and took my cough syrup I was simply too spent to lift a finger. It happens. Anyways, for the first time in a long time my store was closed yesterday due to snow. However, my dads store was still up and going so I went over there and worked instead. It was like a blink of an eye Thursday night that I went from simply driving through some snow to driving through an iced over hell. Nevertheless, because I'm so awesome, I took pictures while driving 15mph through snow and ice...wait maybe that makes me insane and I should probably have focused on the road the entire time but I'm like a ten year old kid with adhd and I simply couldn't just stare at the road. Anyways, on to the pictures...

As you can see there's a truck that has slid off the road and a little ahead of it there was a car that slid off as well. Unfortunately I couldn't snap any shots with my iPhone of the cars that were seriously fucked up because obviously that's where I had to pay attention to driving instead.

Because of my short arms, I couldn't reach out far enough to where I didn't catch my passenger side window out of the shot. However, the trees looked so "winter wonderlandish" and I felt the need that I must savor the moment with a picture. Eat it up.

This picture doesn't even due the shitty ass roads justice. That right there is all ice that I'm driving on, and yes I fishtailed during this shot. Such a dumb ass badass.

That's all the photos I'm going to post because I definitely got snap crazy for a hot minute. So on to more spicy moments from yesterday... After work I went home and showered before I went to K's house. I haven't seen him since Monday and I knew what my lady parts were going to be in for. Steamy hot sex of course! Is it possible that it gets better every time? Besides the times when we only do it because we think the other person wants it and then it ends up awkward and neither of us are into it because in the end neither of us wanted it.We're odd, I know. Maybe I'm sharing too much here, but at least y'all know the diva is getting good sex. It's ah-mazzzinggg! Needless to say, we have amazing timing because we always get done before the roommate gets home. That's right, were just that good.

Anyways, he took me to dinner for sushi afterwards. Then I came home and y'all know the rest from there. Just a reminder, don't forget to check back on the 25th for my blogoversary and a badass (and my first!) giveaway!

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