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A second chance to live

So once again I'm taking part in Mama Kat's weekly writing prompts. I didn't really expect to take part two weeks in a row because normally I only ever so often see a prompt that piques my interest. However, I feel like this is a great opportunity to tell you about an event that took place in my life, shook things up a bit, and changed my view on life as a whole. The writing prompt?
Tell about your first car

So after arguing with myself, more of debating, on how I wanted to write this post, I decided that I would go back to the old MySpace account and copy and paste the blog that I had wrote about it. I'm sure it doesn't quite make sense right now about why this would be life altering but it will all make sense in the end.

This is the night i got my first car, it was a lime green Volkswagen bug that my grandmother gave me. Obviously I was thrilled as all get out. I though a random planned trip to Florida was just for fun, whe. We arrived my grandmother brought me into the garage and there it awaited with a huge red bow on it. I couldn't have been happier.

A year later...

from the MySpace blog... (italics are what I have edited in)
If you heard about my wreck, or you haven't heres the full story of what happend tonight. 9/11/05.

I was on my way to Jeremy's my high school sweet heart house when I passed an SUV. Our cars were a little close so I decided I would kinda turn my wheel a little to get away from it. well I overcorrected & lost control of my car, I started to panic I didn't know what to do. I tried turning the steering wheel, but all hope was lost... I was going to wreck.

The next thing I know my car lands on my side (the driver side) Then bounced to the roof (meaning the car was upside down) then rolling to the passengers side, then rolling back to being upside down. The car finally stopped, I freaked. I knew I had to get out of it before it blew up. I didn't care about my cell phone or anything. I could have cared less. So I finally got my door opened and I crawled out of the car. I couldn't stand up so I crawled to the pavement. Luckily the SUV that I was passing saw it happen. [somehow?] So about 3-10 cars stopped. Getting out to help. By the time i figured out what was going on everyone was on the phone calling an ambulance & all that.

I looked at the lady in the green shirt, I was scared to death. All i wanted was a hug. I told her. So we hugged. Thank goodness someone was there to help. So eventually I sat down on the pavement. Called my parents, got yelled at, hung up on them, and sat in shock. I couldn't speak. I just wanted to be left alone. I looked back at my car & all you could see was this cute lil green bug flipped over with smoke exiting all four windows & the back.

The paramedics & everyone finally got there. My dad got there and yelled at me. Then Bret my very first boyfriend, I just so happened to crash right in front of his house...ironic right? & his dad came out. Thankfully they left cause I didn't want to be seen, I didn't want a crowd. So they put me in a neck brace because my neck was hurting. Then they put me on a bored & strapped me in. It hurt because my legs & arms were killing me.

So they finally put me into the ambulance because I was in shock. As they shut the doors, I finally started to cry. Patrick, the paramedic, asked me what was wrong. I told him that all I wanted was for my daddy to tell me he loved me and that he was glad I was okay. He grabbed my hand and assured me that he cared. I started crying harder. The finally hooked me up to everything and talked to me about my information. The information that I had already had to say 3 times before ever even getting in the ambulance.

I finally arrived at the hospital. They placed in a room, hooking me up to all this machinery. My back, spleen, & left hip were hurting. The back pain was hidious though. So they decided to do x-rays.

The doctor, cop, & nurse, & some weird lady came in and asked me all the same questions. "What's your name, address, ssc, age, were u wearing ur seat belt, etc." I finally got frusterated & made my parents answer all the questions.

I started crying all I could murmur was "I'm sorry." "I Love you" "Happy Anniversary" it just happens that it was my parents anniversary & "Please don't be mad" That's it. Besides that I was in shock, staring at the wall, not wanting anyone to touch me and just leave me alone to die in that tan colored room with a hidious trim border.

Then a nurse came in saying that there was someone here to see me. After wanting to talk to jeremy so long, here he came walking through my hospital door, crying as well. He's all I wanted to see. That is what calmed me down, taht is what dried my tears, that is what quit my legs from shaking in fear, and that is what made me know that from here on out, i want to be with him forever. obviously in high school. I didn't know what love was at the time, but as all teenagers I thought I knew everything.

After meeting his parents, I was actually on my way to his house to meet his parents for the first time. holding his hand, and closing my eyes praying... forty minutes later i was rolled away to get x-rays and stuff. Turns out everything was okay. After be poked and jerked and transferred and replaced everywhere... turns out, i'm fine. Just bumps and bruises, scratches & skins.

Now they've put me on two medications to keep my muscles relaxed and ot keep me calm. So i suppose i'll get off here. Cos they're kicking in. So theres the story on what happend tonight.
I'm the only loser who would actually get online and post their tragedy.

But i'm thankful that God was at the scene holding my hand as well at the hospital and on the car ride home. Never forget to tell your parents you love them. No matter how mad you are at them, once they're gone... you'll realize what all they truly do for you.

Never forget to tell you friends you love them & what they mean to you. You never know when you're last pillow fight will be. When you're last telephone call will end; When your last giggle & laughter will be. Never take them for granted.

...end post

Jeremy had went looking for me because I wasn't answering my phone and it scared him. He came across my car and seeing that it was totaled he thought I was as well. He drove back to his house to tell his parents he was going to the ER to see me and since he was such a wreck they wouldn't let him drive so they drove him. At the time I thought that I could take some pain pills and be brand new later. I didn't know that I would be twenty two and have issues with my knees and have horrible back pains.

This changed my life because I realized that in a blink of an eye, everything can change. Instantly. No turning back. Through this experience I learned to love more and love more often. Though I wish I still had my bug, as well as be able to do a sit-up without intense discomfort in my lower back, I would t trade this experience for anything. I had a key chain on my keys that said "lease drive safely" dangling from it was three little charms: a little bug, a guardian angel, and a car key. After the wreck was all said and done and keys were returned the only charm left was the guardian angel. I should have died in that wreck. Anyone who saw the car would have thought there was no possible way that I could have even thought of walking away from it let alone actually doing so. Still to this day I thank God for my second chance. A second chance to breath, love, live, and experience life all together.

And that was my first car.

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  1. I love how you turned the idea 'your first car' into a really meaningful post. Pretty scary stuff though. I'm glad you weren't hurt or killed. I witnessed a car accident that sounds similar to yours when I was a child and both guys were fine too. Sometimes it's just not your time.


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