Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home sweet home.

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So another day passes and I don't get to see Honey. I don't know if I've explained it before, but either way I'll humor those of you who read it even if I have. Honey and I see each other maybe 3-4 times out of the week. Wednesdays we always see each other because we normally both get off at three and he doesn't go to the gym that day. Then we normally see each other Friday-Sunday. Every other day he goes to the gym and it's late before he gets home so there's no point in me going to his house for just a few hours of entertainment. It would make much more sense if I stayed the night at his house, correct? Yeah I thought so too. However, being raised in a Christian home and being 22 and still living with my parents I'm forbidden to stay the night with a male unless we're lawfully wedded or I don't live under their roof. Yes, you read that correctly, 22 and still under the parents thumb. "but wait diva, I thought you burnt his breakfast that one morning after you spent the night with him...." um if you were 22 and still restricted you would be doing a little sneaking around too.

Further more I went to my sisters today and I was yelling her about how I didn't get to see him on the one day that we ALWAYS see each other and her and my BIL told me we should just move in together. Yeah right. He's afraid of commitment and that won't happen till he decides he likes it and wants to "putta ring on it" -in the words of beyonce. So on my way home I decided I would humor Honey and tell him about mine and my sisters and BIL conversation.

-enter proof of commitment issues-
Diva: Ashley and Justin were trying to tell me that we just need to move in together. I told em that wasn't gonna happen till prolly we're engaged.
Honey: haha it might not happen then.
Diva: good lord.
-no response-
Diva: do you really not wanna live with me that bad?!
Honey:haha no I'm just not ready for all that.
Diva: well its not like it's going to happen tomorrow!
Honey:haha I know i just don't like change.
Diva: great I'm going to be 40, not married, and still living at my mommas house sweet life.
Honey: haha oh that wont happen.
Diva: so just 5 years lol?
Honey: yeah something like that
Diva: oh god.
Honey:its just a ring anyways.
Diva: I'm not talking about a ring! Lol I'm talking about living together, sheesh!
Honey: well buy me a house and I'll live with you.
Diva: somebody pass me a gun. I need to shoot myself.
Honey: okay I'll bring you one
Diva: sigh. You want me dead. Sigh. You never want to live with me. Sigh. I must really suck.
Honey: haha whatever
Diva: oh so you do want to live with me *blink blink*
Honey: maybe one day if things keep going good.
Diva: okay. Deal. Lol I'll take what I can get.
Honey: yeah I figured you'd take that.
Diva: you're just trying to get me to hush.
Honey : I would never do that.
Diva: I can sense the smart ass-ness miles away

-end conversation.

Proof if you ever needed any. Personally, like I'm sure all women do when they find the person they're head over heels about, I fantasize about having a place of our own. I don't want to rush into anything, however. I know right now were not ready to live together realistically. But when is the right time? When is it my time to have my very own home sweet home?

Humor me, when did you and your lover move in together? I'm extremely curious to know.


  1. Well uh I think my husband and I are like abnormal but we were together for 3 months before we moved in together, at 6 months we got engaged and then after dating for two years (and by this time pretty much living together for almost 2 years) we got married.

  2. i wouldn't really worry about it. every couple is different and what work for some won't work for others.

  3. Oh Haley,
    You always never fail at making me laugh out loud! Sneaky Sneaky havin' a sleepover LOL I too had to do that when I was like 23 geezy my mom was so protective...she too didn't like the idea of living together until marriage but somehow even though she didn't like it I convinced her that it was best to live with the hubs before he was the hubs to see if we could live together before we got married since married is forever...soooo I met the hubs in June and he moved into my townhouse 6 mths later and proposed to me like the next mth and then a year after that we got married and a few months after that we bought a house and a few years after that came miss Kelcee so see sweetie...first comes love then comes marriage then comes a little diva in a baby carriage LOL

    So no rush girl it will come, enjoy your fun dating stage, then will come the moving in stage etc., etc.,

    love you


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