Monday, May 23, 2011

Work, sex, and family.

As I sit here and try to rack my brain for something exciting to post about, I find I have nothing impressive to write about at the moment. Therefore I'll give a weekend recap in hopes that I don't bore you too bad.

Friday Honey and I rode the Harley over to a friends house for a cook out. I was worn out from having a childlike meltdown earlier that day and was in no mood to be sociable and unfortunately I fear I may have come across snobby. Next time I'll make sure I liquor up so I can join in on conversations that mean nothing to me just so I can seem like I'm a halfway entertaining diva. It's kind of hard to be sociable when the only women there all have kids and are in a totally different social circle. Not to mention the fact that I'm 22 and they're all late 20s-40s.

Saturday I woke up looking hungover as hell even though not a drop was drank the previous night. (thanks to a boyfriend that kept me out late!) I worked 7am-12pm then came home and went to sleep till 7pm. Yeah, I get it...that's one hell of a nap. Shit I worked a 50hr week! When I woke from my slumber I got ready and went on a date with my Honey which I will later get into in another post- trust me, way too much rant for this one. I stayed at his house, which my parents are now aware of and are finally getting over it. Big shocker there!

Sunday Honey and I got up and went into work and prepared a catering. My sister was there as well preparing a pick up order for a local church so we kind of just hung out and talked. It was kind of nice spending some time with my sister. It doesn't happen as much anymore. We left there and went to Dover to eat at Nannies (Honey's grandmother), later catching up with his dad and heading to Hidden Creek on the Harley's to spend some time with his mom and enjoy a few beers.

By the time we got home we were both so worn out! We ate dinner and watched The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Anniston and, my favorite, Gerard Butler. Boy would I love to jump on him like a cheetah in high tops!! Just saying. After all that I decided I was too tired to drive home so I stayed the night again at Honey's. We hadn't had sex in a week and by the end of the weekend, after staring at his sexy body for days straight...this little diva was ready to purr! Considering we were both tired I didn't expect much out of him. So while he watched the weather and the news I decided to take care of myself. Job completed, we cuddled up and went to sleep....or so I thought that was what we were going to do. We sleep naked so it was pretty easy access for him to surprise me. After making the bedroom boom for a while, off to sleep we went.

My weekend? Decent. I just wish it consisted of a little more relaxation. I'm still worn out.

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  1. Sexy!!!! Sounds like a great weekend to me...just sayin! ;)


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