Thursday, April 15, 2010



I am BEAUTIFUL!! Because Leigh Ashley told me so! ;)

So with this award comes some rules, of course, which I don't mind at allll!

Seven Things About Me...
-I love planting flowers
-At the gym I prefer the treadmill over any other equipment
-I watch hardly to no t.v. at all, except for Channel 4 News.
-I'm a morning person
-I love getting new tooth brushes and paste. (don't judge me, i know it's wierd! ha)
-My mom is my BEE-FF ( friend...)
-I love arts and crafts, possibly more than I should.

Give to seven beautiful bloggers...
-Summer @ Summer's Story
-My Purple Diva @ My Life in Purple
-Bailey @ Addicted to Addison
-Jenn @ Life with Leah
-Venassa @ The Best Days of Your Life
-Heather @ Hello World, This is Me
-Valerie @ Next To Heaven


  1. yay haley!! :)

    we have lots in common... i also love the treadmill, am a morning person and my momma is by best friend too!! woot woot!!

  2. don't mama's make the best of the best friends! i love my momma, I am definately a certified momma's girl! through and through! hehe.

    also, i'm shocked i've finally 'met' someone that has the combo interest for the treadmill+being a morning person. lol... for some odd reason, i cannot run outside, like it bores me half to death... but getting on the treadmill at the gym or at my house and I could run for an hour? wierd..i know!! haha. (side note: the gym I go to has a cardio theatre, it's like going to the movies but instead of popcorn and a soda, ya get a treadmill and a water :) )

  3. ah! i just love when bloggers get awards. :) congrats on yours!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! <3

    You just made my Friday a little more fabulous. Happy Fab Friday.

  5. An award for me?!?! How fab.... I feel like I should break out into an acceptance speech LOL...

    (clear throat) you like me, you really really like me....

    O.K. I couldn't resist I am all giddy today

    loves ya
    Summer :0)

  6. Summer you crack me up! Seriously every comment you leave I laugh and it's pretty much the same way with your blog. ;)

    Natalie- thank you lovely!!

    Purple diva- you are fabulous my dear! And ur very welcome on your award!

  7. Aww thank you, thank you, thank you for this fabulous award!! :)


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