Monday, April 5, 2010

Media Monday

As some of you know, I normally host "Music Monday". Well I've decided to let Music Monday go and change it to Media Monday. Now Monday's are not only limited to music, but now movies, books, and other media sources as well! ::round of applause::. Hopefully now some of you can join in on the funnn, or maybe just a selected few and myself find this exciting. Nevertheless, read on.

This weeks Media Monday is [still] focused on music. Though I have changed it a bit I still got really excited about this weeks theme that I had already planned.

Name your favorite cover song!

Make sure to list the original artist of the song as well as the cover artist

I have several cover songs that I really like. This one is by far one of my favorites. It's called "Lollipop" originally produced by Lil Wayne, covered by Framing Hanley. They took a rap song and changed it up to have an alternative rock feel. Ah! I love it! Maybe this isn't much of a style in ya'lls boat but this definately gets my feet to tappin! A little explicit, so please do not let your children be around if/when you play the following video.

(A little commercial break: A funny story)
So I started listening to this band last year. I absolutely lovedddd their CD yet I never knew what any of the members of the band looked like, their names, or anything. One day my interest peaked...I googled em... and waddayaknow... the basist is my... EXBOYFRIEND!?!? (in the above picture before the video he is the one on the end of the far right) Awkward much? As soon as I saw the picture I started googling who was in the band and I even went to his myspace profile to make sure I wasn't going crazy. It's verified... my exboyfriend is in my new favorite band that I had no idea about. See picture below... him and I a few days before I broke up with him.

(end commercial)

Another one of my all time favorite cover songs is Tiny Dancer. Originally sang by Elton John, covered by Ben Folds Five. Loveee it!

So tell me, Diva's, what is/are your favorite cover song(s)? Link up with Mr. Linky so everyone can click on your Media Monday post!

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  1. OMG!!! Crazyness!! But pretty awesome all the same. I like your new idea!!


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