Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I might be giving you an award. See for yourself.

Is it me or is anyone else tired of seeing the same blog awards passed around? (hey, don't get me wrong, I love me some blog awards!) I feel like every blog I go to has the same ones...does this mean the value of the awards is being diminished or is everyones blog just that awesome?

With that being said, I took it upon myself to go in search of new blog awards. Though I came by pretty much the same ones that I've seen a dozen (times 10) times I did come by one that I don't believe I've ever seen... either that or I'm drunk right now, I'm going with the first one though. afdsadfaioj (sorry, my computer just vomited.)

Furthermore, I present you with my find. Generally an award is passed on by the almighty blogger who had just recieved it. Scratch that jazz, this is my blog, my rules... I found it... I'm passing it...take that biotchesss!

I read several blogs that make me smile just by seeing their "layout". Whether it was purchased or 'homemade' either way... some are just right out umm..well... ADORABLE! So here we go ladies, don't get too excited it's not for you it's for your blog (ha!) ...by giving you this i'm tellin' ya your blog is UBER CUTE!

Addicted to Addison
Summer's Story
Next to Heaven
Life with Leah
Life As Eye See It
My Leigh Ashley
Among the Blossoms

Ya..ya... now go pass it on to your friends that you think are hot..err... i mean those cute blogs...


  1. haley... i just laughed out loud at this post. you are so cute! thanks for gifting my little bloggy this uber-fun award!! we'll put it to good use!! :)

  2. ps. i am going to award this right back to your fabulous blog... so stick it up there under your awards, girlfriend!

  3. you like me you really like me ha! ha! Your blog is pretty rockin too! Oh and knowing me you will prob get this award back....I'm dingy that way LOL....

    Love this post super cute.....I laughed out loud when your computer vomited....

    Summer :0)

  4. thanks girlie!! we need to get together when you come this way :)

  5. Such a cute idea and award! Good for you for discovering it!


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