Wednesday, April 7, 2010



HOLY-MY-NOLY! I could totally pee my pants right now. I'm not the best at watching T.V. nor commercials, but as I was blogging the other day I caught the sound of Carrie Bradshaws voice and I immediately looked up and HOLY CRAP SEX AND THE CITY II IS COMING OUT THIS SUMMER!!!!! I could literally pee my pants, that's how excited I am. [insert giggle]

I recently said that I wanted to go see Alice in Wonderland sooo bad but I haven't yet because no one has taken me, oh yeah? well... screw this I will go and see Sex and The City II by myself if I have to! I am not waiting around for anyone on this one. I will be waiting there at the door as soon as the first showing comes about. (and yes, I will be wearing my best set of stilettos. and yes I will have just finished drinking several cosmo's!)

To my four favorite ladies of all time, I will see you soon... save me a seat and I'll bring the martini's!

*and to my followers, don't forget I will be Doug a vlog it if I get anough questions asked! Please leave a comment with a question if you would like to participate :)


  1. i CANNOT wait for this movie to come out! yay!!!

  2. Uh oh I'm thinking girls night out featuring Haley and Bailey! (ha our names rhyme) seriously! A and you should totally post the pics I thought about doing the same thing!!

  3. I'm super exicited about this movie too.....YAY! Your posts always make me laugh right out loud! You my friend are Ha-larious!!

    Thanks for your sweet words! They mean so much to me! Here is a virtual hug right back attcha....

    Summer ;0)

  4. Eeeeeeek I just seen on Bailey's blog that you got a new look so I had to come and check out one of my fav bloggy buddies design! I love it! So you and so cute! Really Diva-ish! (Is that a word) Love the pic of you and your mom! Ya'll are so pretty!! Bootie and Finley are just presh!

    love ya
    Summer :0)


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