Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wait, I'm at church?

Today's church service was amazing! I definately feel, yet could be mistaken, that this is the church I need to belong to. Our preacher gave a sermon on 'prayer'. He gave the church goers the opportunity to ask questions about prayer via e-mail, facebook, and twitter. There were actually so many questions provided that he could only cover a few in service. This sermon really touched me, I struggle alot with, as the preacher called them, "the rules" of prayer. His response to this (because thank goodness someone asked this because I really needed to hear it) was that there are no rules. He said something along the lines of: "When you talk to your parents, do you go by rules as to what and how to say it to them?" With that being said it all makes sense. In the bible it tells us that we are provided the opportunity to call God our Abba (daddy, pops, father). I don't have rules when speaking to my biological dad so why should I when it comes to 'talking' to my holy daddy?

The more and more I attend this church (i'm at three attendances thus far) the more and more the sermons hit home for me. The worship is crazy good, nonetheless! Half the time I forget I'm at church and think I'm at a concert hosted by my Abba himself! (which is just alright by me!). Needless to say, I love the sermons because they're not "long-winded". I'm not one to sit in a long church service, not because I don't want it taking up too much of my time or anything like that, but because I half way have ADHD and can only focus on so much. When the sermons are short and to the point, I'm more capable of getting the general message rather than forgetting every detail of a long-winded service.

Once more, I am so excited for next Sunday's sermon! If a church can have me excited all week long just for the next church service, then it has me! Speaking of prayer, I have this firm belief that when I did a "post-it" Tuesday and posted about not being able to find a church that's right for me in my town, someone took that to heart and prayed about it. If that's the case: to my praying reader- thank you, God has answered not only my prayer but yours as well!

Another firm belief: Prayer works. With that being said, feel free to e-mail me any prayer requests that you have. I will keep your prayer requests in complete confidentiality, unless otherwise told so.



  1. Girlie I know your gonna probably not gonna believe this but I prayed for you when I read your Post-It about wanting to find a church that "fit" you because I to had went through trying to find the right church for us! You have become such a dear bloggy friend of mine! I am so glad you found a church you think fits! I love that sermon you talked about today and thanks for sharing it! I to have often wondered if there is a right or wrong way to pray and it makes total sense that their is no right or wrong way! Thanks for pointing that out sweetie!

    Glad you had a fab weekend
    Summer :0)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. And thank you for praying for me. It's a proven fact (in my book anyway) I have the best followers of all times. I'm so happy that you started following me and then I did the same in return. You always have a way of making me laugh!


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