Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The past several days have been so beautiful! I almost feel guilty even sitting here typing this instead of laying out by the pool and soaking up as much sun as possible. However, not all is lost, I am sitting outside on my laptop so atleast I am still participating in the beautiful weather ;)

My mom and I have spent SO much time together here lately. I've loved every minute of it. Yesterday we went to Lifeway and I bought a new bible. It's really cute and I'm excited about using it because it's a Life Application Bible. We'll see, I follow up on it in a later post. After leaving there we went to Starbucks and sat outside and enjoyed the weather. I introduced her to their strawberry banana smoothies (which she LOVED) and I got a venti passion fruit tea sweetened with lemonade. (If you've never had one, I highly suggest you go get one...you can blame me for your new found addiction ;) )

We pretty much just diddled around town all day, not much of anything. I started feeling a bit 'under the weather' due to the crazy-high pollen counts here lately. Speaking of, today's is even higher than yesterday! (I don't know the exact number, I just know it's alot thanks to my self-taught meteorologist mother)

Oh and before I forget! I have to mention how amazing church went on Sunday!! As some of you know, I have been having a horrible time finding a church that I really like. Easter Sunday I visited a new church that is held at my old high school. As much as I loved it then, I had to attend again to really see if I liked it. Well, this past Sunday was even better. Even my sister, which is EXTREMELY picky about churches, loved it. I think Jacob did too cause he was all smiles when we picked him up from the nursery :). Unfortunately my brother-in-law, Justin, couldn't make it because he had food poisoning, but my sister said she will definately be back this Sunday, as will I!

Well as for now, I should probably get off here. I need to partake in some much needed 'pick-up' around the house. Needless to say the clothes in my dryer are calling my name... :[ I just wanted to make a quick post to catch ya'll up on my church experience and other random items. I haven't been really posting about myself here lately so I thought I'd at least give ya'll a mini-fill-in.


  1. i'm glad you're liking the new church. finding one that fits is always hard :)

  2. Sounds like you are having a good time in life right now! This sun is amazing, and I have been getting my share of sun too!! I finally have tan lines appearing! Enjoy the rest of the week =)

  3. Just stumbled across your blog...what a cute design! The name is also great! Love that you call your adorable lil' man Baby Bumble! Looking forward to reading more. It took us about a year to find a church home, glad you found one you like, it's so important! Have a good week!

  4. Natalie, heather, Shannon- it has been a rough journey trying to find a church that fits my needs. I guess really it was a test from God to see if I would give up or continue looking. I'm pretty sure I've foun the one that just right for me. I plan on attending this Sunday to make my final decision. The last church I went to that I was whole heartedly dedicated to the preacher made a mini-sermon on finding the right church. In it he said that you should give it a go at least three times and that third time shoul be your deal breaker. So I have my
    hopes high, but well see :)

    Shannon- thanks for joining in! I visited your blog the name is super cute!! Hope to hear from you soon :)


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