Monday, April 26, 2010

Media Monday- Photography

Welcome back to Media Monday's, hosted by yours truly. For those of you just joining: Media Monday has different themes every week. The former, Music Monday, has extended it's horizons for more fun and new themes to participate in. Be it literature (books), music, movies, or anything else media related, I hope you can join us!

This week's theme: Photography

Post a meaningful picture: Any type of picture, taken by you or someone else, something you googled, anything... Once posted, give us a reason why that specific picture is valuable, meaningful, sentimental, etc. Make sure you leave a comment with the URL link to your post so others can check your blog out!

[Not to diminish the value of this picture, but I have several pictures that are very valuable to me, in order for me to choose just one would take weeks of well thought out configuration. I chose this one, out of all of them, because it's my most valuable picture that is on my laptop.]

Furthermore, there's a lot of underlying meaning in this picture. This is my sister and I at her 2nd baby shower. (She had three! One for work, one for our side of the family and one for the BIL's side.) As most of my first followers know, my sister gave me the gift of life. However, he is only my nephew and most could possibly find this silly, but truly he gives me a reason to live and adds purpose to my life. I never knew I could love something so small and tiny so much. My heart swells with love for him, if I didn't know any better I gave birth to him. So why this picture you ask? Sure I could have posted a picture of Jacob, himself, but I wanted to post something with more depth and meaning. You see at this baby shower I had my first interactions with him. I held my sisters tummy and talked to him before all of the guests arrived, he started to kick like crazy! I would stop talking, he would stop kicking... it was precious. From that moment, I knew I was in love with the child that my sister was carrying. Later that afternoon he got the hiccups (if you've never felt the stomach of a pregnant woman whose child has the hiccups, it's absolutely adorable!). That is why this picture means so much. It was taken right after I had finished talking to mister Jacob Riley.

So what about ya'll? Have any pictures that hold a series of underlying memory? Don't forget to link up!

*Also, it has been noted to me that alot of you do "schedule" posting and since Monday's normally get the best of everyone, most people already have Monday's scheduled. If you would like to join in Media Monday however you schedule your posts, I will be more than happy to e-mail you the theme in advance at your convenience. Just e-mail me at thehaleybarr[at]yahoo[dot]com requesting the theme be given in advance, and I will be glad to e-mail you back!


  1. It's kinda scary how alike we are. My nephew is the love of my life as well. I get sad (like today) when I have to drop him off at home and our time together is over.

    You and your sister are both so pretty!

  2. What a neat idea! I'm going to have to remember to join the fun sometime. Y'all are too cute! As an only I am so envious of your close relationship with your sis and her family!

  3. V- yes that's extremely scary! Don't u just love the blogosphere! I'm always meeting new ppl that are so much alike!

    S- i adore my family! :) also I recieved your email I will be responding as soon as I to the computer (I'm currently on my phone) :)


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