Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Words

Random words for Wednesday:

-I miss my handsome nephew Jacob.
-i need to get a pedicure.
-I enjoyed working/training with the new girl last night at work.
-I'll be digging in the dirt and planting flowers today.
-I bought some awesome teeth whitening stuff at the tanning bed last night*
-I feel like my days keep getting shorter and shorter, 24hours isn't quite long enough sometimes.
-in less than a week I got three new followers. Hello and welcome to my divalicious, not so interesting, world.
-I have started to grow an obsession for the show "Jerseylicious" on Style Network.
-I can't wait fo the bachelorette to come on. Seriously I might have just wet my pants a little just thinking about it.
-I don't understand why someone would call in a specialty order for pumpkin and sweet potato pies in the midst of almost 80 degree weather. Wth?
-I think something is oddly wrong with Bootie, he's been acting strange th past few days. Maybe the weather change or something.
-I am in serious need of a heater for my pool...I could be swimming right now!!

*the stuff is a uv whitener you apply it with a tiny paint brush and put in a mouth piece that keeps your mouth open so the tanning bed can activate the whitener. Fairly easy if you ask me. :)


  1. that teeth whitening stuff sounds fantastic! also, i wish i had a pool... boo.

    ps. when you get a chance, stop by my little bloggy... there's somethin' for you on today's post!

  2. Hey girlie,
    Look at you getting all kinds of new followers....I knew ya are so funny :0)

    I sooo need a pedicure....B.A.D.

    LOL about the Bachelorette comment I am wondering if Allie will be all crazy on her show like she acted sometimes on the Bachelor???? She liked Drama I do believe LOL

    Have a great day and hope Bootie is o.k.

    Summer :0)

  3. How cool does that whitener sound!! I wish I had a pool too! It would be more motivating to layout because when you get super dry, all you gotta do is jump in!


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