Tuesday, April 20, 2010

insert overly clever title here

I have been in a giggly giddy mood all day long. I don't know about ya'll but sometimes I get in these moods where I get so giggly and giddy that I just want to run around and scream. On the otherhand I keep thinking of really super silly things all day as well... example you ask? YOU GOT IT! Today, on my way to work, I thought about how Toyota should come out with shoes... for brides. So then they can be...RUNAWAY BRIDES! (insert hysterical laughter here) Then I kept driving, (first I have to explain something, there's a bridge here where on one side is three lanes then under the bridge it merges into two lanes) well I was in the center lane so the car would have to merge over on me, meanwhile I thought to myself 'I'm just gonna have to use a half tank of gas and steppp on thatttt metalll!' So in this process I say aloud "ADIOS SENOR!" ..I then look over and it's actually a car full of hispanics... I bout busted a gut laughing. Then I pulled into the parking lot at work dancing my hiney off to Boom Boom Pow then I abruptly stopped when my sister was standing at my car door with this confused look. I rolled down the window and she asked what the heck I was doing (i thought it was clear i was dancing of course...) so I simply responded "I was boom boom powing!" :still confused look: I told her it was a song and she said "oooh okay..so um anyways... that was some intense movement going on" Psh, duh... I'm an intense person. Anyways that's my insight for my humorous day. However, everytime a customer tried to joke with me they confused me instead... how does that happen? Normally I'm the jokester and I roll with the punches! Oh wellll.

I've decided I'm an odd person. That's alright by me, I'm just saying. I guess odd is the new black because I'm prettttty sure I got my 15th follower today. HOW YOU DOIN! (via Norbit, if you didn't know.) So hello to you Coco, you've brightened my world today.

This blog's purpose? To let you know I'm happy. So much so that I could pee my pants (and probably laugh about it too). I think it's time to put my stunna shades on and roll out.

Peace out, yo!


  1. This post just made me about pee my pants :0)

    love ya
    Summer :0)

    PS it is so fun to read about someone being so happy go lucky as I am.....funny....oh and girl I can boom boom pow with the best of them and my hubby and bestie think um I am just plain crazy LOL.....

    Summer :0)

  2. I love this post!! I was smiling as I read it. You are so funny! Have a wonderful fun day!

  3. i love those days when nothing can get you down... they're the best!! :)

  4. I love car-dancing too. And Boom Boom Pow is one of the best songs to do it to.


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