Monday, April 5, 2010

Me? A blogger?

Oh my, I swear I didn't die! I've decided that because I am such an awful, unconsistant, blogger that I will now be officially deleting my blog. Though, I just purchased a design from BBB I will let her finish my design and install, but I will no longer be blogging.

April Fools. Post-poned of course ;) ::insert giggle here::

So anyways, all jokes aside, I actually did finally purchase a blog design. It's currently in the making and I am tickled pink!! I seriously CANNOT WAIT! Now, if I could start consistantly posting on my inconsistant, slow, retarded laptop then I will be good to go! ;) Woot woot. My car payment is coming up this week and I will start saving up for my new computer. Maybe then I will be one consistantly blogging diva! Til' then you'll have to take it as they come... so sad.

Yesterday was Easter and by far one of the best ones at that! I have recently been 'tweeting' about how I really want to find a good church here in my "new" town. (I say new because when I moved here I then left for college and now I've returned and decided that this is where I will be staying for the time being until further notice... so basically I'm just now making myself at home even though I moved here almost 6 years ago.) Well yesterday my parents and I attended a church that is currently being held at my old high school until their building is finished being built. It's called Grace Community Church and really... it's the closest thing that I have yet to find that resembles LHBC. (lhbc=my hometown church that i use to attend and practically lived at) So who couldn't be excited about that?! I'm a firm believer that not every church is for everyone. I think it's like a personal relationship with your church. I'm not much into traditional services nor singing hymns. (sp?) This church was totally my style. The worship was more like attending a concert where they completely rockkkk outttt. Which I'm all up for! There was definately a mixture of age groups which I find a necessity for the simple fact that as I get older I don't want to feel like I'm still at a church with only teens or only grandparents. Etc.etc. All in all, definately a good experience and I will most definately be attending next Sunday as well!
-end rant-

As always, today I will be hosting Music Monday. I have officially decided to change it to Media Monday. That way, it won't only be about music but it can also be about books, movies...etc. Hooray! *see next post for more information*

Well I'm off for now, I have to go start my new Media Monday post. See ya in a minute!

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