Saturday, November 5, 2011

20 things you don't know

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So I've decided for fun I'm going to post 20 things that chances are you don't know about me and in general most people don't. Let the oddness begin :)

1. I love classical music. I rarely listen to it because I'm never in the right setting but um, love it. Beethoven's Fur Elise will forever be my favorite. Such a classic.

2. I have a horrible habit of collecting water on my nightstand and beside my bed. Glasses of water. Bottle of water. It doesn't matter, it's there. Honey hates this...

3. Of all housework duties unloading the dishwasher is by far my least favorite. Seriously, I fucking hate it. Honey unloads, I wash by hand.

4. I have never once thought that roses smelt good, yet I somehow still love them.

5. I find happiness in picking at pimples and blackheads, gross I know.

6. I am constantly forgetting to eat. Its just not a top priority thus leads to weight gain. Sigh....

7. I have an obsession with eyeshadow, all things beauty really, but mainly eye shadows. I have literally ever color and still feel the need to buy more pallets.

8. I am constantly biting or picking at the skin around my nail beds. Awkward but its a nervous, anxious habit.

9. When I was sixteen my boyfriend bought me a teddybear. I ended up having an anxiety attack in my sleep and I ripped it's head off. I swear I'm not a violent person. I'm actually loving.

10. I have a two inch scar on my right arm from where I was little and I was at a friends house. She had a bull and she told me I could pet it and it wouldn't bite. Well I went to go pet it and it went to go lick me and it scared me and I ripped my arm open on the barbed wire fence. No worries, I keep up with my tetanus shots.

11. Speaking of tetanus shots, I may be the only 20+ something that stills keeps up with their tetanus shots simply because I'm so clumsy and I'm constantly cutting myself on something. I do not have a self mutilation problem

12. My feet look awkward in tennis shoes. No really, my dad even told me so. Irony: my work shoes have to be tennis shoes.

13. I've owned three vehicles. My first was a lime green volkwagen bug. It was precious until I rolled it across a road three time into a ditch. Squashed bug. Second I had a Honda CR-V, it got me from point a to point b. Not my favorite car. And now I drive a cute little Honda Element. Honey calls it The Box and everyone at work calls it The Brave Little Toaster. (it's a square and silver...I don't know, one girl started it and it caught on)

14. I've smoked cigarettes since I was a sophomore in high school.

15. I love digging in the dirt. Planting flowers and what not.

16. I may be 22 but I enjoy the shit out of knitting.

17. I love painting oils, acrylics, water color, whatever I loves it!

18. I've only had one job in my entire life. High school job, moved to college, moved back and I still work for the same boss, my dad.

19. Addicted to finding recipes, rarely try them :-/

20. I don't have any biological aunts.

Hope you enjoyed my random 20 facts :D leave a comment with something random about you! Or if you choose to post a link of your 20somethings!

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  1. I'd love to learn how to knit. A lot of young people are doing it these days.
    I love unloading the dishwasher. It's so easy haha.


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