Tuesday, November 22, 2011

truth and dare

Since the very beginning of mine and Honey's relationship, he has done everything but beg me to go to the gym with him. I may go to the gym and do some cardio but you won't find me with him. The truth, I am absolutely terrified of the weight room, it intimidates the shit out of me. Thinking about going to the weight room, I kind of most definitely want to vomit, yes...it makes me that nervous. I feel like a dangling piece of meat in there with all those meat heads. And I'm not talking about a good piece of meat, I mean like I feel like they check me out and make snarky comments like "look at that fat ass!" and not baby got back fat ass, I mean like moo cow moo! So long story short, I let Honey down with having the dreams of having a girlfriend who would gladly join him at the gym, which is one of the first things he mentioned at the beginning of our relationship that he would love to have.

Sunday Honey mentioned on our way back from DTown, his hometown, that he was probably going to hit the gym. Okay first and foremost, he has a pretty set schedule: Monday, Tuesday, off on Wednesday, back at it on Thursday through Saturday, off on Sunday's. Normally unless he works late he sticks to the schedule, I want his drive and motivation!! He mentioned that with Thanksgiving coming up that his schedule would be thrown off so he wanted to go ahead and get ahead. As always, I start thinking and then that thought goes into another thought and keeps trailing till I ask him if Sundays were super busy? I figured most people take sundays off, it just seems like that would be the case. He told me that they weren't at all and all of a sudden I had a lightbulb. Ive been wanting to hit the gym but honestly, with my fear of the weight room, my lack of love for the elliptical, and really only liking the treadmill I kind of have no hope. So I decided to dare myself. I dared myself to hit the weight room with Honey. He will be by my side, he won't let the machines bite me. He would beat up anyone who made fat jokes, or so I would hope but he's kind of extremely easy going and with that being said he would probably tell me to pay no attention and that I'm beautiful in attempts to make it okay, yeah he's dreamy. So by the time we got to the house, I ran in and put on the fat suit, aka gym clothes, and was standing at the door ready to go. I didn't want to be able to turn back. After all was said and done, its not that bad. I just need to boost my confidence level and remember that fat people who are scared of the weight room are going to remain fat, hence me a year later...still fat. Honey is continuing to work with me. We went again today it's really not that bad but will take some getting use to when it comes to being out of my comfort zone.

And so I've taken one more baby step towards achieving a healthy lifestyle, getting weight off, and being fit.

it feels great.

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  1. You crack me up! You are not fat at all sweets...they are looking at you cause your hott...mmmkay...so there lol...I am so proud of you that you put on your sweatsuit...I call it my fat suit too lol...and hit the gym with your honey! I bet it meant more to him than you will ever know...guys are wierd like that gyms, deer hunting, watching comic movies, you got their hearts lol...oh and football...can't forget football...ha!

    Soooo can I just say I am super proud of you and I dare you to go again...see now you have to cause I dared ya lol...oh remember back in school way back when they did the triple dog dare ya...well I triple dog dare ya to go four times lol

    love you


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