Tuesday, November 8, 2011

mushy gushy lovey dovey

*Honey: if you're reading this, stop. I don't want you going and getting a big head!

So Honey and I have almost been together for a year, December 5th to be exact. Still to this day I get so excited to see him I could scream. When I think about how much I love him I could just go crazy and squeal. I've definitely never felt this way about anyone before. Needless to say, the love I have for him is unlike any type of love I have ever experienced. He seriously makes me so freaking happy.

My track record: with a guy for two weeks, get bored, single again. If they pass the two week mark chances are they make it to two months. By two months I'm bored out of my mind and ready to kill.

Honey, on the other hand:
Still amuses me. Constantly keeps me entertained. Makes me giggle with a side of butterflies. I'm always excited to see him. The best cuddle bug ever. He knows exactly what buttons to push yet somehow I always let him off the hook. he's kind of too cute to stay mad at He's patient with me, loving, considerate, passionate, and all around perfect for me. When he starts to be an ass, I let him know. Unlike other guys they become even more of an ass yet Honey quickly apologizes and makes up for it. He is the perfect man and any girl that has ever passed him up before is a fucking dumb ass. But I thank my lucky stars that they did because now he's all mine.

Can we just talk about his cuddling! Before I never knew there was a right or wrong good or bad cuddling option but now I'm fully aware it exists. Because every guy before...sucks. Honey and I spoon when we lay down to go to sleep at night. To no ones surprise this totally opposite of modest diva sleeps naked. So when spooning Honey throws his arm over me and holds on to a boob. And right when he thinks one tit is getting too much attention he switches. Haha. He always holds me till I fall asleep. Sometimes he has to roll over to the other side because his left side starts to get uncomfortable so we always reverse our spoon, my arm going over his chest and him holding that hand. This is the way I fall asleep every night in his bed. In the morning we wake up and it's less like a spoon and more like a fork, or maybe a spork. Because our legs are all tangled up and everything else. Ahhh I love it!

Maybe I'm being mushy gushy. But what can I say, I love that man.

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