Friday, November 4, 2011

life is my bitch

I can't even explain how good it feels to have a day off. Normally I have a million things to do and even though I'm not completely off of work because I have a catering to deliver at one o'clock I'm still making today my bitch.

Unhealthy I know, but keep it to yourself. I'm currently enjoying a coffee and cigarette on the front porch of Honey's house. I'm all bundled up in my jammies and unbrushed hair and I'm loving every minute of it. The air is damp from where it rained yesterday and the sky is gray however there's still something peaceful about it. Normally there's cars passing by, dogs barking, or someone walking around the neighborhood but this morning it is completely still with only the sounds of birds chirping. It's pretty much mocking my mood, quiet and peaceful. Did I mention how much I'm loving my day off?

To reward myself from working so hard the past several weeks and to makeup from being so stressed out I booked a hair appointment at 2 oclock today. Do I deserve it? Hell yes I do. I don't care if anyone disagrees I know what the past couple of weeks have been like so I'm going to do something for myself. Though I will have to admit I'm only trimming my hair but I don't give a shit. Going to then salon makes me feel girly and good about myself. I don't know why. Maybe because for the past 22 years of my life my cosmetologist mother has done my hair. Now our schedules don't meet up and it's too hard to keep up with my rapid changing schedule and still keeping myself looking like a hottie. Why yes I'm full of myself this morning ;).

Later I'll be meeting up with my mom and spending some girl time that I'm super excited about. I love hanging out with her and don't get the chance/take the chance to do it nearly enough.

Maybe I'm in such a good mood because I feel a sense of accomplishment this morning. Though I haven't accomplished shit this morning, for the past couple of weeks I have. And though these "accomplishments" should not have taken a couple of weeks to complete, I still consider myself proud of getting little tasks completed that for some are just little tasks but for me, a milestone. I finally cleaned my car out, if you were to see the before and after you would be giving me a bloggy applause (I'm on the go constantly. Between Honey's house, my house, work, deliveries, caterings, football games, Dover, can only imagine what it looked like. ) I bought Jacobs birthday present which has already been given to him on his birthday (October 26th) and yesterday I bought his birthday party present. For his birthday I just bought him some shoes, a shirt, and pants. Little things that he needed, little things that I got from the clearance rack and only paid $30 for. ::enter applause:: For his actual birthday party I bought him a little block set with dogs and stuff. Sounds lame, he's two he'll love it and I'm not giving a great description. While we're on the topic of presents, I have also already purchased one of Honey's Christmas presents and a little present for Jacob as well. I can't say what Honey's is because he blog stalks me but Jacob is in love with Toy Story, especially buzz lightyear. So I got him this little loofa set with a buzz attached to it that squirts water. He loves bath time so I already know this I going to be a hit. Don't worry I'll be adding more to his goodie basket. Along with these accomplishments, I bought myself some actual work shoes...finally. I've been wearing expensive tennis shoes for the past 5 years and I finally got shoes that are made for my work slip and they're black so no more stains woopwoop!!! Along with all these purchases I've managed to start saving money towards mine and Honey's future house. Fingers crossed :-D normally I spend whatever and as long as I have enough to pay my bills I don't care. Here lately I've been spacing out my spending so I have money to put back. Its the first of the month and I already have the money saved for all my bills and the rest of my paychecks I can save and spend lightly on Christmas presents. I don't know about y'all but it seriously never fails, every year right around Christmas I wait till last minute to shop and I start getting nervous about my bills. This year i started in October and I have the rest of November to finish. I'm loving it! On top of all this I've already gone to the doctor and received my checkup on my zoloft. Unlike the past 7 years, I didn't wait till two weeks after my prescription was out, I actually stayed on top of it.

Now that I'm rambling on and on, I will finish with the most exciting news of my week. I'm pregnant!!!!!!!! Okay just kidding but thought I would throw a curve in there hahaha. I'm lame. Anyways this week alone at my store I have taken over a thousand dollars worth of orders at work. Next week I've already taken $500. Though this means nothing to everyone else it's everything to me. A small business struggles in the colder months and this is good news to start the colder months out with. Especially since we just went through a dry spot at my store with no orders only what the restaurant brings in. Typical, my most exciting news is about work.

I hope everyone else is having a bad ass week. Mine started off really shitty only for me to come to this day where I look back and realize all I've accomplished.

Remember, life can't be a bitch if you make life your bitch. :D

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  1. Go you. Your day off sounds awesome. And I'm very jealous that you've started Christmas shopping. I wont be buying much this year (on maternity leave) but I still need to get going with the little I am buying.


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