Sunday, November 6, 2011

[fresh] start

Okay I know I've been a blog post vomiting whore the past couple of days but I have a lot to say. If I don't say it now, you'll have another 6 months of a dry blog with no posts. Carry on...

So unlike last post I actually have a topic for this one, not just a bunch of random ranting. However, I did have a random thought come to me...does anyone remember Furbies? Seriously when I was younger I remember my mom and all her friends went to the mall at three in the morning and waited in line for two hours to get one for me. Yeah it was one of those knock people down, act insane all for a fucking toy type shit. Luckily my mom has her sanity and she did not partake in the crazy festivities but still, those things were fucking weird looking back now.

On to the real topic of this post. Okay so I aforementioned in another post months ago that I was attempting to lose weight and get in shape. Summer came along I had to stop taking oxy pro elite because you couldn't consume alcohol on it. Okay I could have said no to the alcohol but seriously I'm not mad at myself for it. Why? Because in the end the pill was just a pillow. I still didn't change my way of eating. I didn't learn anything about nutrition nor did I make a fitness routine. So here I am, with probably all of my loss 20+ lbs added right back on.

I've decided to start researching more into nutrition. Figuring out ways to eat healthy that fit into my busy schedule. I'm extremely active at work, changing my diet alone would do me wonders. I'm starting small I don't want to overload myself all at once. Honey and I went to the grocery store and bought a few things to get me started. I bought a large tub of vanilla yogurt along with some fresh fruits to add in. Also I bought several different items to change up eating chicken, since thats a great source of protein. I bought wheat tortillas and I plan on making chicken wraps. I got some organic black bean and corn salsa, onions, celery, pomegranate dressing, and honey mustard along with a few other things. Honey cooked my chicken for me for the week so that part is done. I feel like I'm on the right track but I feel like I have a lot more to learn.

I'm not going to post an ass ton about my fat ass, but I'll post a little here and there. Please feel free to leave helpful comments. They'll be greatly appreciated :)


  1. Good luck! It's so hard to maintain a good diet/exercise program when life is just so damn busy.
    I don't get to work out until 8:30 at night after E goes to bed, and many nights i just do NOT feel like it.

    stay motivated!

  2. This is right down my alley! If you have any questions or help text me! So glad you're blogging again! :)


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