Sunday, November 27, 2011

old meets lame

I quickly realized Saturday night as to why I don't "go out" more frequently. Why you ask? Well let me give you a quick recap:

-I'm very easily annoyed when it comes to drunken fools bumping into me. We even moved our hightop table back, and as we moved so did the drunks.

-Running into someone previously dated that ended on sour notes, ie we both quit talking to each other and in my head I ended it with him, in his head I'm sure he thinks he played me off. Typical male, naturally. He eye balled me and turned away so being the alcohol induced, liquid courage bitch that I am, of course I walked straight up to him and said "oh how nice of you to check me out and then quickly look away when I caught your eyes" his response, "oh sorry I didn't notice you" and in his attempts to smooth things over I left him standing there feeling like a jack ass when I promptly responded "oh that's fine, I wish I would have never noticed you" then walked my happy ass to the bar to get two beers for me and my Honey.

-Seeing someone from college that participated in the same fraternity as I, yeah that's awkward. Of course he saw me as the party girl that I once was so once he saw me inside later on, he came up to the table and proceeded with small talk. Not just the small talk you carry on with someone you havent seen in a while, the small talk where you lean in close and talk personally. Luckily, Honey returned from the bathroom in a quick minute so I could promptly introduce him as my boyfriend. Needless to say, that 'small talk' ended quickly after and he went on his merry way.

-We arrived at 9:30-10:00, and I already questioned if I would make it to 11. Yawning took place and the thought of our bed sounded amazing. I'm not the spring chicken I once was, unfortunately, so I was already ready to call it a night. Wow, that's embarrassing, I'm only 22.

-Typically being, a less than favorite topic was brought up in the midst of conversation. The topic leaving me ill and angered ready for an exit on the asap. Being that I had a few drinks in me the ride home was less than pleasant, I was frustrated and ready to pop off.

-Even more so typically being, after a few drinks I was ready for the bedroom boom by the time we got home. Frustrated and all, I wanted to get steamy. Of course, I was denied. Waking up still angry this morning.

It's a rainy Sunday and I look forward to spending it doing absolutely nothing even though there's a Titan's game today. We are foregoing sitting in the freezing rain and I'm spending it snuggled up with a warm cup of coffee and a blanky. Ah!-mazing...


  1. Hi there! I can totally relate to this post! I've been in similar happens! Haha :)

    Anyway - I found your blog through another blog...and thought I'd check it out! I love it! :) I'm your newest follower! Hope you had a great weekend!


  2. Im a little bit older but I agree that nights out just aren't as fun as they used to be.


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