Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Favorite blogs

Lately I've been wanting to find more blogs to read but simply have not come by any that really pique my interest. So I have decided to throw some of my favorites out there. What would be really awesome? If you were to list your top five favorite reads as well. Leave it in a comment, or even a post and comment with the URL to your post.

So I present you with my top five favorite blogs and I'm even going to go as far to tell you why.

#1: Boobies
-why? Because she's fucking hilarious thats why. Needless to say shes always hosting giveaways that are bad ass.

#2: Venassa
-why? Because she's the type of girl I can see myself having coffee with and chatting about nonsense. Recently adding a new addition to her family is a bonus to read about. She's straight forward with the good bad and ugly about motherhood and that's what I want to hear not the sugar coated bullshit.

-why? Though I may be bias due to the fact that her and I went to highschool together, her blog is still a great read. Newly married so I can identify with being a young couple. She posts great recipes along with adorable pictures of her dog Jaxon and so much more.

#4: Saucy Bitch
-why? Ah hem, her name should say it all!

#5: Summer
-why? Because she is one of the sweetest people I've ever met through blogging. She is an inspiration and passionate about life. She loves and adores her family and this is seen clearly in each post that she writes.

Now give me some suggestions people! Also go check those bloggers out. You'll love em! :)

Now I'm off to get back to work. What I really should've been doing all along :)

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  1. These might not all be my favorites, but here are 5 I love that I think you might like

    Funniest blog ever - <-- Mommy blog, but still hilarious <-- I love this girl. <-- the most colorful, happiest blog ever

    Ps. I could totally see myself having coffee with you! You seem like the type that would fit right in with me and my friends.


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