Friday, November 11, 2011

Out and about

Ahh, at last it's Friday! You know what this means... IM OFF WORK!! Yippee skippee! So my schedule is about to change at work. Currently is 7-3 Monday through Thursday of Friday and 7-12 on Saturday. Now since I'm currently training one of my employees to open she will be opening for me on Saturday's now so my schedule can switch back to Monday-Friday 7-3; 40 hours a week. I use to not have to open on Saturday's but once Jacob Riley was born I started opening for my sister so she could take Saturday's completely off with him. So now instead of me being off Friday and then honey being of Saturday, we can now enjoy Saturday's off with each other. ::squeals with excitement!:: but enough about work on my day off and all. Last Friday remember how I was so excited about not working? Ended up practically working all day. Started with The Big Man waking me up with a phone call about work, then I took a delivery for work, then I had to deal with one of my employees not showing up, then another phone call from The Big Man about switching our paper goods inventory, and it continued. I have a 24/7 job and only get paid for 40 hours of it. and this is where stay at home moms raise an eyebrow and look at me like I don't have any issues in the world. I argue though that its not like having one kid to look after all day it's like having 11 and that includes The Big Man. You see, without me watching after him he wouldn't get his shit done. He forgets most things so I'm constantly trying to keep up with all I have to remember plus his reminders as well. Okay! Enough about work!

So I'm spending the day with my mom running around town going to places that we say we need to go to all the time but never taking the time to do it. We're covering those today. Plus our big town with nothing in it has finally gotten a Bed Bath and Beyond so we're hitting that shit up on the real lol. We use to have a Linens and Things but with those going out of business we are left with zero home goods places. I'm still begging for Ross, Marshalls, and MAC Cosmetics to come to town, but I don't see those happening anytime soon. My mom and I have even contacted the MAC big guys and they say there's just not enough need for one blah blah blah so now we have to drive out of town or order off line. Basically I took my hometown for granted with all that it had to offer, I was definitely spoiled. especially being so close to Nashville. Because what we didn't have, Nashville did and more.

Now I'm off to go shower and primp for a day out with my Madre. Catch ya on the flip side ;)

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