Saturday, November 12, 2011

Diva's FAQ

So recently Venassa over at Live Your Life posted a FAQ blog. Recently I thought about doing this but really there was two different ways I wanted to go about posting this. However I've decided to combine the two. So here are some of my most FAQ about myself that I get on sometimes a daily, sometimes a weekly basis.

1. What kind of makeup do you use?
Answer: my foundation changes frequently being that A I don't want to spend money on the good stuff and B that I don't feel like waiting on shipping. For the most part I use MAC cosmetics foundation in Studio Fix. If I go with drug store I use Maybelline Fit Me, so far its the best I've come across that doesn't end up splotchy by noon. As far as eyeshadow goes, I'm a junky with a problem. But seriously, last Christmas I bought a collection palette from Sephora and I still cannot get enough of it.

I love it! It comes in a box and when you unfold it it just keeps unfolding magical goodness.

2. Are you wearing colored contacts?
Answer: negative, bitches this shit is all me! I have naturally blue eyes and when the sunlight hits them just right, they practically glow.

Above is a high school picture, blue eyes. Shocker. Below is now, still blue eyes!

3. Where do you get your hair done? How do you get it to stay so poofy? (I combined these two to git-r-dun.
Though the majority of readers aren't from here, I'll inform you I go to The Chameleon to get my hair done by this sweet woman named Brandy. And my poofiness?

That. That right there is how I get my poofiness. Fat Hair "0" Calories hair spray is by far the besttttt hair spray ever. To the left of the Sephora box, second bottle over from the right, is Big Sexy Hair What A Tease, backcomb in a bottle. I use to tease my hair all the time and unlike most people it isn't hard for me to get the tease out. However I do lose hair in the process and it thins your hair out. So I give to you the best alternative yet. Seriously the backcomb in a bottle is amazing. I load my hair up with it every morning. From left to right: Big Sexy Hair blow dry volumizing gel, great base for give your hair a little extra oomph. Fat Hair hairspray, previously mentioned. Fat Hair "0" Calories hair thickening creme. Definitely a product you have to go easy with because if not, your hair will be greasy as hell and kind of matted. Then it's the What A Tease by Big Sexy Hair. Following it in the little can is OSIS Thrill. This is for after your hair is blow dried you get a tiny pinch of it and rub it between your fingers and kind of style and place your hair exactly where you want it. So there you have it, my poof.

3. Are you married?
Answer: you know the answer, no not yet.

4. In reference to my clothes I'm constantly asked "where did you get that at?"
Answer: I'm cheap. So basically everywhere you probably haven't looked. To name a few, Walmart, Target, Goodwill, Rainbow, TJ Maxx, and Body Central. The last three are for when I decide to splurge. I'm not like a lot of women, I rather pay very little and get a whole lot than pay a whole lot and get very little. However, a purse is something you should never cheap yourself on!

5. In reference to my office space and work, a lot of times I get asked "who does all the pretty writing?" "who does all the organizing" "who labeled everything so nicely?" so on so forth...
Answer: the one and only, me. I get OCD. I love organization. And if everything is in an organized manner work seems to be conquered much more efficiently.

That's all I got for now. Just like Venassa said at the end of her post, nothing is too personal so feel free to ask me questions that I can answer in a later post :) also go check out that hot mommas blog. :-P

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  1. Holy blue eyes! Mine are a pale blue - yours are so much prettier haha. I love buying clothes at Wal-Mart. They're sometimes nicer than a lot of the stuff I find at the more expensive stores.

    Hmm questions. I'm bad at this.
    What are some things you and Honey do for fun? minus the obvious ;)
    What were you like in high school?
    What's your worst habit?


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