Tuesday, November 15, 2011

wine for babies

Oh hush, just keep reading.

So to say that yesterday was less than an ideal way to start off my week would definitely be an understatement. Today I've decided to turn that all around and besides going to work, I'm making this day about me. I treated myself to some wine, Pinot grigio to be exact. I love a good glass of wine but I don't drink frequently enough in my leisure time to actually finish a whole bottle. So to sum it up, I waste a tad more than half of a bottle. Today, however, I decided I was going to buy a bottle and I don't care if I throw all of it away but one sip! Lucky for me I came across baby bottles!

And no, I do not mean a bottle of wine for a baby lol. The bottle contains just enough for one glass of wine. You can buy them in sets of four and for someone like me, its perfect!

So I figured what better way to reflect my "me" day through my blog than to do a follow up on my FAQ's. In the post I asked for you all to ask me questions that I would later respond to. However due to my lack of popularity I only had one person ask me some questions but that's okay cause it's the lady behind the scene of one of my top five favorite blogs.

And so Venassa asks...

"What are some things you and Honey do for fun? Minus the obvious..."
Well, let's see...supposing that the 'obvious' is the bedroom boom, horizontal tango, or even the pants party then that takes away one of my favorites. Haha only kidding...kinda. Honey and I are a lot like old people. We live simple lives of work and home, but when we feel wild we will head to dinner and sometimes a movie. In the summertime we like to ride the Harley, go to bike rallies and what not. Other than that we spend our fun time entertaining each other.

"What were you like in high school?"
Oh geez, awesome?! Duh?! Um it really depends on what school you want to talk about. Of course I'm going to go with my hometown high school because high school here in C'ville was less than ideal. At BHS I was friends with literally everyone, popular girls, jocks, nerds, gothics, ghettos, um no seriously everyone. I won't classify myself as one of the popular crowd I was just kind of a person that was floating around and happy for the most part. I didn't stick with just one style of clothing. I dressed depending upon my mood for which I got a lot of shit for here in Clarksville yet in Hendersonville I had even heard someone say it was inspiring. So whatever here's a few pictures that document my random style.

Preppy with my polo on.

Flirty little sundress. Don't ask what I'm doing. Keyword high school.

Skater in my etnies tee. I'm sure it was paired with a studded belt and holed jeans.

No makeup chilling in a tee.

My thrifty goodwill tee and oversized jewelry? Cant go wrong!

Okay so moving on...

"What's your worst habit?"
Really Venassa?! Lol only kidding. I bite my nails which is less than ideal. Honey would probably say that my worst habit is me leaving my work cups all around the house and forgetting to trash them. Hehe, ever since he brought it to my attention I've worked on it, I will admit.

Okay that was oodles of fun ask me more! Haha. I'm off to catch up on responding to emails, reading blogs, and finishing up my scrumptious glass of wine.

Happy Tuesday :) oh wait is it too late for that? I mean it is kind of getting close to shutting tuesday down and all...oh well tomorrows hump day and I hope you do just that! Lots of humping :D

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  1. 'Bedroom boom' - my new favorite saying ;)
    I love seeing your high school photos. You look so different.
    I bite my nails too. I was doing it as I was reading. A habit I'd love to break.


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