Monday, November 21, 2011

breaking cynical

Note, I above all people hated everything and anything to do with the Twilight saga. Twilight lovers, do not stop here, keep reading. I even cringed when I heard people talking about it. It literally drove me nuts. Vampires? Werewolves? No thank you, get a life and get back to reality. Please and thank you.

Monday furthermore pushed me away from the ridiculousness. All said and done, I was not giving up my girls night. I want this. I need this. I'm going to make it happen at any cost even if its at the cost of me sitting through a two hour movie cringing my teeth and though going unsaid, making fun of everyone around me.

The twist: my friend, short we'll say Mogo a nickname given to her at work, informed me that she didn't want me to go unless I've seen the first three because she didn't want me to ask questions all throughout the movie she knows me too well. Cringing the entire time I agreed to watch the first three movies. Day to start watching them: Thursday after work at three. Day they must be finished: Friday, after work at three finished by 9:50PM. Long story short, I have had to cram in 6 hours worth of movies followed by another 2 hours of a movie in the theatre. Challenge accepted. Challenge completed. I'm in LOVE.

Public announcement: I apologize to anyone I've ever picked at for being a Twilight obsessed lunatic. After I watched the first one, glued in sitting on the edge of the bed, not even batting an eyelash...I could've stayed up all night watching the other two if it weren't for getting up for work at 5:30AM the next morning.

Prior to viewing, I had made plans with my bestie, Bee for short, to go thrift shopping coming in a later post. My idea was to go to the three thrift store in town and then go home and fast forward through the second and third movies. Skipping most, but still catching the drift of what was taking place. Oh no, plans halted, idea changed. We hit up one thrift store, quickly to add, and went our separate ways in order to meet up that night for the dreadful viewing, waiting in line, and being surrounded by the obsessed. I quickly made it home, skipping a cigarette break and all, popped the DVD in, and skipped through my favorite part—the previews. After New Moon was over, still skipping a cigarette break and not minding my overflowing bladder, I popped in the Eclipse and continued to be glued to the television screen.

Unfortunately I still didn't have time to finish all of it, I tried to fast forward through the parts where they are just gazing into each others eyes and whatnot but still tried to get the big picture, which was accomplished. I hardly put on any makeup, threw on a hoodie, straightened out my hair from where it had been messed up from laying on a pillow, and made my way to the theatre as quickly, and safely I might add, as possible. The movie started at 9:50 we got there at 9 and still had to wait in line past the food court, our theatre is in the mall. We got the perfect seats and everything.

For short, I cried several times within the 8 hours of movie watching. To say I'm anxious for part two of Breaking Dawn is an understatement. SAB, now that she's talking to me like a human again and not an animal with rabies, told me to just read the book. Honestly I cant bring myself to do it. I didn't read any of the others and I don't want to be let down by the part two of the movie. I can't stop thinking of all the love and passion between Bella and Edward. I feel crazy for now being a Twilight obsessed. But I cannot help it, I'm a sucker for a love story and theirs takes the bate. Even more so than The Notebook or gasp! Romeo and Juliet.

So there's my confession. I would give a review but hell, I'm so torn up over all of it I would probably throw some a ton of spoilers in there.

Your thoughts on Breaking Dawn?

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  1. I've read the entire book, but haven't seen the movie yet. I wasn't overly excited by the first few books/movies but I could not put down Breaking Dawn. I can't wait to see it.


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