Monday, November 28, 2011

seriously?! monday

It has been one of those Monday's that makes me think wow...seriously?! I woke up this morning, after pressing the snooze button numerous times (I swear if it weren't for Honey I would never make it to work on time) and I was extremely tired. The drive to work wasn't any better. I finally realized this morning how it is possible for people to fall asleep while driving. I kept having to double blink in hopes to wake up a little more, it didn't work out like planned. This is what going back to work is like after having a four day vacation? Seriously? I thought I would be fully energized and ready to kick some ass, yeah total opposite.

Upon reaching for a much needed an item in order to do my job, I realized that SAB didn't replace what she had used while I was gone. Seriously?! I could strangle that cunt. However, I made do and continued on my merry way.

Later, after waiting on several customers I get a phone call. dun dun dun dun... A woman apparently stopped by the drive thru and ordered "extra" sauce. However, she really only specified that she wanted sauce with her plate, not potato. I'm all about some accuracy, I would not have effed that up. When asking my employee who had waited on the customer about how old she was she told me the customer had to of been late thirties, mid forties. Eh hem, the lady on the phone could not have been no more older than 25 Bee, my employee, also said that the woman had an "adult" voice, not one that sounded like a child. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Someone got her lunch, she didn't get the sauce that she wanted but the other person did because she specified however she wants to get angry and take it out on me...and I quote, "I just wanted to call and say thank you for screwing up my lunch! How can I eat a potato with no sauce?! So thank you for ruining my lunch as well as ruining my day" WTF!? First of all, people eat potatoes without bbq sauce on the DAILY. It is not a requirement, I'm sorry you're abnormal to the point you let a fucking potato ruin your day. SERIOUSLY?!?! Instead of getting mad I laughed at her stupidity. It's one thing if I give you the wrong meat, side item, leave out butter or cheese or even sour cream, I cannot help that you want to add extra calories to your already carb-loaded lunch. I hope it goes straight to her ass. She was probably fat, just saying.

Honey and I are about to leave for the gym. I hope I can get a good work out in. I ate crappy yesterday and I could go for a good burn. Hope everyone is having a happy Monday! It's snowy, soggy, and just plain nasty here. To think, it was in the 70's last week. You know what they say, "If you don't like the weather in Tennessee come back in a day."

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  1. I dont miss working in the food industry, that's for sure. You come across some annoying people. Hope your Tuesday is better.


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