Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm sure the majority have seen the Walmart commercial, the one that's halfway annoying, where she says "load up the sleigh! Ringadingding Ringadingding ring me up!" I tired to get a video but I just don't feel like putting forth so much effort this morning. Hehehe...

Anyways. I'm super exciting about the holidays this year. All of them, even thanksgiving. Honey and I celebrated our very first turkey day together. It was actually the best thanksgiving I've had since being a little kid. We spent it with my grandfather whom I haven't been able to celebrate it for the past 7 years. It was his first Thanksgiving since being out of prison. That story may, or may not, come in a later post. My mom's dad was also there along with her brother, my sister, BIL, and nephew. It was a really great time. Later we celebrated with Honey's family in DTown including his parents, grandpa, sister, BIL, his two nephews and his niece. I had been planning all along to take pictures, which should come to no ones surprise that I didn't take any. I've never been good at taking pictures during gatherings, im too much of a social butterfly. Hehe. So after the day was all said and done with, we retreated to our casa and I showered...where I remembered I had no recording of our first t-day.

Obviously he's worn out, all squinty-eyed hehe.

Today my mom, sister, and I are putting our brave suits on and heading out for a little shopping. We refuse to act like crazy fools, so we are doing it as a leisurely mother-daughters time and hoping to maybe score some deals. This will be the first time we've done a shopping trip altogether since childhood. I'm beyond excited!

How was yalls gobble day?

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  1. I'm a camera whore, but even then I dont always get as many pictures I like during family get togethers. Maybe because most of my family hates getting their picture taken haha.
    Have fun shopping! I love shopping with my mom more than anyone else.


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