Monday, November 14, 2011

the honest villain

So a good day turned less than ideal on the spin of a dime. Recently I was asked by one of my employees to join a girls night out to see the premiere of Breaking Dawn. Unbeknownst to me that SAB is going. So SAB took it upon herself to buy everyone's tickets. Everyone BUT mine and one other persons. Bitch. So being the straight forward person that I am I decided to fuck talking shit behind her back and go straight to the Cunt herself. I sarcastically said thank you for getting my ticket and followed with that I would get my own and I didn't need her to do me any favors. So the drama gates open. Now everyone is texting me saying this and saying that and somehow it was made into the fact that I stirred all sorts of shit up. Excuse me? I confronted the bitch and went upon my merry way. They're the ones calling and talking shit about everything. I'm the only one who skipped the shit talking step yet I'm the Villain. Yeah that makes total fuckin sense.

I'm tired of people being fake. Tell it like it is. Dont talk shit about SAB if you're only goin to turn around and butter that bitches roll. I'm so beyond this high school shit. I don't even give a fuck if I see the movie or not. Grow the fuck up.

Obviously I'm having the best Monday ever. This can go down in the history books.

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  1. Someone needs to smack a bitch. Just saying.

  2. Preach!

    (I love the word cunt...even though everyone else say's it's horrible inappropriate!) ;)

    Happy Saturday, Gorgeous!


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