Friday, November 25, 2011

BF mission

My Black Friday shopping trip went more along the lines of unexpected. I ended up not buying anything when we went. We ended our trip fairly early at 1:30 because my BIL made plans for him and my sister knowing that we were spending a girls day, that's the norm. So being bummed out I ended up calling it a day myself, the gym closed at 6PM instead of the regular 10 so I figured I would shop a little more on my own so that way I could conquer more in my limited time frame instead of having to worry about what other people rather be doing ie going to Pier1. Don't get me wrong, I love that store, but it's not my ideal place to be hitting up when I'm trying to score the mother load. So I decided to fly solo.

Honey's sister asked me to stop by Old Navy to get a jacket for one of her kids that was suppose to be on sale. Here's where they get you: in the commercial they talk about these $70 jackets being $25, they even slide in a few pictures of different jackets; you arrive to the store you don't read the fine print, so of course all the jackets on the rack with the big % off advertisement is said % off right? I mean it was even in the commercial! Luckily being the smart ass that I am, also too lazy to stand in an ass long line only to find out I was paying full price, I read the small print. Well, what do you know "all jackets excluding fleece pullovers and wool lined pea coats" and the jacket I was going for was the pea coat. Bummer.

So after I attempted to conquer my number one goal, I moved on. Next on list: gym shoes. After hitting up 7 different stores, I hit the goldmine. Suggested retail: $70+ bucks. My bargain bust: $54.99. Wuzzup?! Hehe.

I had to awkwardly turn my ankle in order to get a good side legs are of no deformity.

Next I wanted to score some killer jeans. With hopes held high that I could go into Buckle and snag a pair of jeans under $60 I walked my little toosh in there like I owned the place only to promptly turn right back around and walk out. sigh. I didn't let this get me down though. The whole reason I went to buckle is because they have the large seam stitches that I've slowly fallen in love with. So I made it up in my head that there was no way that was the only place that had them. There MUST be a knock off in the mall somewhere! And what ya know?! Shabam! I went to Body Central and there they were hanging gloriously in the window, I even think angels were floating around them. OH! and in glitter and all the words "20% off entire store" almost made me have a shoppingasm. I picked up three pair and headed to the fitting room, where there are clearance racks all over the place. Holy moly! I spotted a pair for only 19.99! So instead of spending $40+ on a pair of jeans, I spent $30+ on TWO pairs.

okay so obviously my photography isn't all that great, but hello do you see those jeans? Um. Love.

Anybody liking the bachelor pad bed spread going on in the back drop of my jeans? Yeah I cant wait to ditch that shit when Honey and I have our own place. Hehe.

Speaking of Honey, don't worry I didn't leave his little booger butt out. I bought two shirts from old navy for him. One as a Christmas present addition and the other was a Titans tee that he so desperately needed due to his lack of game day gear. I ended up giving the other shirt to him already as well. I'm not good about stuff like that hehe. So in the end...

Mission: accomplished

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  1. You got some awesome deals. I looove those shoes!


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