Sunday, November 27, 2011

The difference (18+)

...that no work and being in love can make.

This is an 18+ blog post. If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by sexual content, please skip reading this post.


If there is one thing I've learned about being in a long term relationship, its that the sex isn't always going to mind blowing. There are going to be the quickies, you're not quite there yet but he can't wait any longer I personally like to think it's because my pikachu (vagina) is just that amazing. There are going to be the distractions, you're trying to focus but you let everyday life and stress get in the way of your moment. And there are going to be the cliff falls, you're right at the peak where you're about to have a great orgasm and all of a sudden it disappears and you hit rock bottom all over again. It has nothing to do with neither you or your partner, it's just natural.

Normally, and unfortunately, mine and Honey's sex here lately has something holding us back. His roommate is in the other room so we have to be quiet, we've been working all day so we hardly have the strength to put into an orgasm, we are worn out and try to just "get it over with". Always something. Last night however, we held nothing back even though his roommate was just on the other side of the wall...shhh....

We headed to take our shower together like we normally do, it's completely nonsexual majority of the time considering I'm not a huge fan of shower sex. All of a sudden I look down and see his rock hard was possibly smiling at me, and since he had acted not interested in sex all day, I was bothered because I hate being teased. He assured me it was no tease, hehe blushing, and wanted to proceed to do the shower plunge. I denied his request because I didn't want shower sex, and once again hating being teased, I knew I wouldn't be able to reach my "O face moment". Honey ended up surprising me saying that we were going to start in the shower and end in the bed. You can only imagine how excited I was, this means we will be taking our time and building it all up! Woooohoooo!

To sum things up without too much graphic detail, it was an orgasm like I've never experienced! My legs were shaking, heart racing, forehead sweating, wet hair, and tingling pikachu. I have never in all my sexcapades EVER experienced sex like that! There was so much passion and intensity, it left me speechless. Honey even responded, "are you going to be okay?". I guess us both having time off from work and stress has really paid off.

Then again, sex hasn't been the same since I realized I don't just love him. I'm madly in love with him.

Honey's totally going to strut around like a peacock after reading this. It's okay to give him a big head every once in a while...I just know the next time the sex is fair, I'll be sure to let him know he's slacking. Haha!


  1. I have no comments.
    Oh.. except good for you! :P

  2. Good for you!!!

    It's good to have beyond amazing sex every now and then!! If you have beyond amazing sex all the time, it gets old!! You get to build it all up and just let it all out!!!


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